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My Experience at CMRNPUC 

If I would have to describe my experience at CMR in a word, it would be-’exhilarating’.

Let me begin with the torchbearers of our college, our wonderful teachers! “Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning” This is what our teachers can do! I am very inquisitive by nature and can question the existence of almost anything, even an RBC! Yes, in the beginning I thought my inquisitiveness wasn’t very catalytic in my growth but now my teachers have helped me turn it into a passion to delve into the depths of knowledge. Thanks to their patience to clear such doubts of mine! One thing I find truly helpful is that we are allowed to stay back and clear our doubts with them on any day. They’re available for us whenever we need them!

My juniors would have heard me say this quite often, ‘At CMR we have extracurricular activities and we do get vacations!!!’ Now, this is the cool part! We get to come home at 1:00 pm, we have vacations, and we have activities… Now, no student should be complaining about stress, lack of time or monotony of academics! With wonderful events like Cultural Day, Art Day, Literary Day and Ethnic Day, what else can one ask for? These days are the most ecstatic days as one gets to showcase that true hidden potential that makes one stand apart.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to compete in a city-level quiz competition (my teammates being Hemamshu and Ameya) that was held at Amatra Academy. We emerged as one among the top 6 schools in Bengaluru! This was a great opportunity for us to improve ourselves as we discovered that quizzes don’t necessarily have only GK, but also have lots to do with comics, newspaper ads and what not! I was also a part of Reap Benefit, which is an organization that collaborated with our college to make data-driven solutions to everyday problems! I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as I got an exposure to the outside world and learnt how sometimes, seemingly simple problems can be arduous to solve, and seemingly arduous ones be so simple!

Our work at school targeted on solving problems related mostly to water and at another government school we faced problems from lack of bathroom doors to proper waste disposal techniques. Yes, we students fixed those problems on our own!

My teachers and my friends here have helped me develop myself to be future ready! I aspire to become a scientist someday and I truly believe that my learning experience at CMR will take me a long way in accomplishing my goal.

Samskrathi A Sharma

The Best Institution

Hi! This is Abhilash from the first batch of II PUC at CMR National P.U College, ITPL Campus. When I entered the campus on the very first day, I was certainly very nervous with literally a couple of friends …… And today I can confidently assert that after two years I am walking out with almost 120 new friends. I believe that my college has fuelled my confidence, growth and development holistically. I have found fabulous mentors, motivators and friends in the form of all my Teachers and my Principal – Anitha Ma’am. The College aims and succeeds at building a perfect balance between Academics and Extra-Curriculars.

Our Principal and Our Teachers are the most approachable Mentors that I have had overall my schooling years and different institutions where I have been educated. The Bond that a Student and Teacher build here, is truly special, magical and everlasting. The teachers, don’t just impart syllabus-oriented knowledge but prepare an individual for his life.

Our Principal has always been encouraging towards All-Round Development of every student. She has introduced and encouraged several student development programmes such as The Reap Benefit Initiative, The TedXYouth@Brookefield Event, and organised several competitions; seminars and talks by distinguished guests.

The student environment in the college is vibrant, fun-filled yet focussed towards self-realisation, achievement and success. This has been ‘ THE BEST INSTITUTION ‘  for my growth as a Personality. I love the college and every part of it. I am thankful to our Principal, teachers and students for making this an ‘AWESOME EXPERIENCE’

In a nutshell, I strongly believe that the college substantially contributes to the all-round development of every student.