II PU Program

The college offers following streams and courses under the Pre- University :

Science  Stream:  
Core Subjects – Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics
Optionals –  Biology   or    Computers   
Commerce Stream:
Core Subjects –  Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics
Optionals –   Computers   or   Statistics
Language – English
Language II – Kannada   or   Hindi   or   French

In all, a student studies 6 subjects ( both in 1st and 2nd PUC) comprising of English, three core subjects, one optional subject and one language.

From the academic year 2012-13, the Pre University Board of Karnataka has revised the Physics/Chemistry/Math and Biology syllabus and upgraded it to CBSE level by introducing the concept based user-friendly NCERT textbook and workbook for the science students. This upgrade enables the Medical and Engineering aspirants of Pre University to compete at the unified National Level Entrance Exam(NEET). The Board has also revised the syllabus for commerce subjects by upgrading them to the NCERT Curriculum.