The college organizes various extra-curricular, sports and literary fests to groom the managerial and organising skills of the students as well as help them develop their passions.

All these are conducted within the college premises, after college hours. Simultaneously, remedial classes are held for slow learners to allow them to catch up.



MUN or Model United Nations is an educational simulation in which students typically role-play as delegates of different countries present in the United Nations and simulate its committees. This helps students develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, coming up with solutions that are acceptable to a majority of the representative also inculcates skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, and cooperation. At our college, CMR national PU, we are fortunate to have a MUN club. Ever since our second MUN, where we had got best delegation as a school, we have been getting invites from the most prestigious schools in Bangalore to participate in their MUN. Smriti Bhardwaj who heads the MUN club has had the opportunity to chair several MUNs and has guided the team ably. She was allotted the role of Deputy Head of the International Press Corps at DPSMUN, as a chairperson for the Ryan MUN, as the Assistant Director at TISBMUN and many more such events. Students who join the club must be eloquent in the English language, indubitably diplomatic and a knack for problem-solving. But it takes a lot more than natural talent to win. At CMR we can proudly claim that our students have won various awards through hard work from our frequent club meets after school. In most of the MUNs, we have attended, we have learned something new.

SAT Classes

The Alumni of CMR PU College ITPL, who had aspired various interdisciplinary courses abroad, have proven to be among the most desirable with confidence, analytical thinking, and excellent communication. Sharing their experiences with our students has opened vistas for a plethora of opportunities overseas and abroad. Interested and aspiring students are on the lookout for various certification courses like SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and so on. The Principal and the staff at CMR have taken an initiative to help such students with zeal and enthusiasm.

Social Impact Programme

Aiming at ‘Make Going Green’ a part of one’s lifestyle,’Reap Benefit’ a non-government organisation helps our students in solving environmental problems with data and solutions.

They have worked extensively in government schools using indigenous technological solutions for water and sanitary issues that had affected them. Having been applauded for the same they are now marching ahead towards reducing the amount of water consumption in both school and houses apart from cleaning and beautifying a dump yard close to the college and work on the problems of students coming to college on bikes which is illegal. 

WEP - Work Exposure Programme

“ Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow begins to the people who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X 

The students of  CMR National PU College had some professional time at their summer

internships. Our students were placed in reputed organizations such as; Advance Education & Computer Services, XLR8, Olive Planet, Play Arena, The Green Pocket, Goobes Book Republic, Vita Beans Neural Solutions, Arius Holidays, Photomojo, Reap Benefit, Bengaluru

FC, Lodestar, Crazy Holidays. Many NGOs such as; U&I, Sandesh, Avasar Foundation, Key Education Foundation, Diya Foundation, Indus Action, Udhyam Learning Foundation, CRY-Child Rights and You and Reap Benefit have accepted our students for summer Internships.

Ted Talks

It has been a culture at CMR to host Tedx Talks to local audiences. This is purely an initiative by the students of CMR, ITPL, celebrating locally-driven ideas from environmental to entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Principal. With successful completion of four Ted Talks scheduled during the past Academic years, this year the theme for the same would be ‘Parivarthan’.Topics like ‘Let’s build an India free of myths and stereotypes’,’About changing and reinventing oneself’,’ disability rights and entrepreneurship’ are some of the kind of topics the students are looking out with speakers like Mr.Deepak Pareek, Mr.Harsh Johari, Mr.Vibish Kashyap, Mr.Ankit Rajiv Jindal and so on.  


CMRPU ITPL started its entrepreneurship competition 3 years back for the commerce students under the able guidance of the Principal. This competition provides a platform for the students to learn leadership qualities, innovative ideas, oratory skills, teamwork, tolerance, time management, brainstorming, thinking out of the box accepting failures and converting challenges into feasible ideas. Through this competition, students have learnt to give practical shape to their business ideas by applying theoretical knowledge to their ideas. Some of the brilliant ideas of the yesteryears were:

  • Wheat and Eat
  • E-Charge
  • Use and Grow
  • Skritch
  • Nature’s Arena
  • Kit – De – Fiesta
  • Canteen Sunshine
  • K2K

The panel of judges apart from judging the teams puts up questions for each team and gives its comments for improvisation.

Guest Talks

Listening is an important component of learning. A student’s ability to actively listen has a major impact on building the communication skills needed for problem-solving, innovative thinking, leadership and teamwork.

Here at CMR, to help students catch up with the changing times, frequent ‘Guest Talks’ have paved the way for the students to meet successful people in different fields.

The best interactions that the students really enjoyed were:

  1. Global Admissions – A session by Mr.Colin Pfeiffern and Ms.Athena Lao
  2. Beekeeping and the important role that bees play in the conservation of Biodiversity
  3. Design Thinking – A workshop by Dr.Phani ( HOD-CMRIT)
  4. Dream Catchers ( A camp)  – by Vindhya Umapathy
  5. A session on Animation – by Mr.Veerendra