Science Combinations for PUC

Science is all about creative thinking and discovery. Opting for a science program is an opportunity for you to contribute to tomorrow and a perfect chance to choose a suitable career. Pre-University science programs by CMR National PU College set the foundation for higher education in pure or applied science streams. 

CMR National Pre-University College offers students-centric Science programs, which are an important stepping stone in their academic life before transitioning to university. Pre-University College or PUC commonly refers to classes 11th and 12th, termed as Ist PUC Science(first year) and IInd PUC Science (second year). These senior secondary courses after Grade 10 equip the students with the necessary skill sets and make them future-ready. CMR National Pre-University College is approved and recognised by the Department of Pre-University Education, Government of Karnataka, India, and follows the Karnataka State Board-prescribed curriculum. We offer a wide range of options, helping our students pursue their areas of interest and specialise in Science, Commerce and Humanities.


Benefits of PUC Science Programs

  • PUC Science programs at CMR National Pre-University aim to invoke interest in Science and support students to master the basics of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, and Electronics. 
  • Since our programs are a bridge between school and college education, they are a crucial stage for the students as a transition enabler, giving insight into the core areas of the subjects in a competitive yet healthy environment.
  • The curriculum prepares our students for the Board exams and Common Entrance tests for professional courses. Basic and self-driven learning concepts in various subjects, gaining skills in analysis, problem-solving, model making, and giving presentations are part of our curriculum. 
  • CMRNPUC’s Science programs steer students in the right direction and help them make informed decisions about their career choices while encouraging them to develop as responsible human beings. 
  • After the PCMB course at CMRNPUC, students can also pursue a career in non-science background courses such as Architecture, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Multimedia, Management and more.

The Science combinations for PUC comprise four core subjects apart from language studies. The PUC Science subjects combinations offered include: 

Part 1 Language 

  • English – Compulsory
  • Optional Languages (Student can choose any one of these languages)
  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • French

Part 2Core Subjects

  • PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology:

This combination facilitates a path towards a Science oriented career. Apart from Engineering and Medicine, students will have many options after opting for this combination, such as Biotechnology, Physiotherapy, Forensic Science, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Home Science, Dietetics and more. 

  • PCMCsc – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science: 

This combination is the best choice for students aiming to become engineers and those who have ruled out medicine as a career option and aspire to have a future in Information Technology, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Aviation, Astronomy, and more.

  • PCME – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Electronics: 

This combination prepares the students for engineering in electronics. Students pursuing this combination can also opt for fields like Robotics, Telecommunication, Digital Electronics, Embedded Systems, Nanotechnology, and more.

  • PCMHsc – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Home Science: 

This combination offers Home Science as one of the subjects along with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Students can choose from a wide range of career options after completing this course, including Food & Nutrition, Family & Community Science, Human Development, Textile & Clothing, Dietetics, Community Management and much more.  

The CMR Group is a unique educational conglomerate comprising K-12 schools, several institutions of Higher Education, Pre University Colleges, various Centres of Excellence in Research, and a Private University. With years of research on value-based education, CMR national Pre-University aims to harness students’ calibre and integrate it with their passion. We cater to over 18000 students from more than 58 countries studying across our institutions. PUC Science courses at CMRNPUC can help students make a clear plan for life and achieve their career dreams. 

CMR National Pre-University College is spread across five locations around Bengaluru.

Teaching Methodology

  • Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Programs at CMR National Pre-University College aim to equip and empower students with relevant skills and a mindset aligned with their education and career goals. Industry experts design and facilitate programs like Financial Management, AI Bootcamp,

Data Science, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship BootCamp, Graphic Design and Animation, Visual Communication, and more to make students industry ready. The Enrichment Programs are in addition to the academic programs and are integrated with the curriculum. Every CMRNPUC student will participate in 3 Enrichment Programs in an academic year. These programs will help our students acquire the confident mindset needed to succeed as lifelong thinkers, learners, and doers.

  • Student Clubs

Students Clubs allow students to identify and nurture their distinctive abilities. Every club is led by students and has a dedicated objective. Students can choose their preferred club and participate in talks, discussions and inter-house competitions. The clubs include the Photography club, Editorial club, Reading club, Music club, Dance club, Creative Arts, and Sports club, to name a few.



 Are there any elective subjects within the Science stream?

Yes, the Science stream in PU colleges typically offers elective subjects, allowing students to choose based on their interest and career goals. Options often include Computer Science, Electronics, or Home Science alongside core subjects.

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