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Commerce Combinations for PUC

Commerce is a great stream for students who are passionate about trading, business, financial transactions, commercial laws, etc. Opting for Commerce as a core subject in senior secondary school allows students to pursue BBA, BCom, BAF, BBI, BFM, MCom, MBA, PGDM, CS, CA, and other courses at a college or university. This stream creates an opportunity for students to build a rewarding career in accounting, auditing, banking, chartered accountancy, corporate law, company law, finance, investment, taxation, etc. Although there are regular school courses available, the “Pre-university commerce programmes” or “PUC commerce courses“ are recommended, as they facilitate the easy transition of students from school to college by building a solid foundation for higher studies.

For those who’re looking for the best PU colleges in Bangalore for Commerce, the CMR National PU College offers a diverse subject combination in this stream. The two-year PUC commerce courses cover grades XI and XII and are broadly classified as Ist PUC commerce (for the first year students) and IInd PUC commerce (for the second year students). The programme is aligned to the Karnataka State Board’s prescribed curriculum and is recognised & approved by the Karnataka government’s Department of Pre-University Education.

The CMR National Pre-University College, one of the top PU colleges in Bangalore for commerce, implements this programme to equip students with comprehensive knowledge, necessary skill sets, relevant exposure, and experience of working in the industry.

The Benefits of PUC Commerce Courses

  • CMRNPU’s PUC commerce courses are

    crafted to include comprehensive

    information about Accountancy,

    Business Studies, Commerce,

    Economics, Mathematics,

    Statistics, Computers,

    etc. They aim to help students

    master the basics.

  • The curriculum is diverse, including

    personalised and differentiated

    activities (e.g., model-making, PPT

    presentations, group projects, etc.)

    that cater to multiple learning styles.

  • The syllabus supports autonomous

    learning and professional skill

    development. E.g., effective decision-

    making, problem-solving, creativity,

    collaboration, communication, design

    thinking, etc.

  • The course includes application-

    based concepts, assignments, and

    assessments that prepare students for

    the board and national-level college


  • PUC commerce courses offer valuable

    insights into the curriculum of higher

    studies, allowing students to easily

    adapt and mould themselves into the

    university system.

  • The insights and skills acquired

    during the course empower students

    to pursue careers in non-commerce

    or other related fields. E.g., digital

    marketing, law, multimedia,

    filmmaking, social services, etc.

The academic subjects are enriched with extracurricular programmes and community initiatives, creating opportunities for students to bond socially, fine-tune their skills,and pursue their hobbies.

Subjects Offered at the CMRNPUC

Students have to study a total of 6 subjects (3 core subjects, 1 optional subject, 1 compulsory language, and 1 optional language). The combinations offered include EABsCsc, EABsSt, BmABsSt.

Core Subjects

Accountancy (A) – Offering knowledge of basic accounting theory & process, business transactions, bookkeeping, financial statements,
proprietorship, etc.

Business Studies (Bs) – Offering knowledge on the foundation and types of businesses, trade & finance management, social responsibilities, emerging models, marketing, consumer protection,etc.

Economics (E) – Offering knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistical tools for interpretation, Indian economic development, government budget and economy, money and banking,etc.

Basic Maths (M) – Including concepts from arithmetic,algebra, geometry, and reasoning, etc.


Computers (Csc) – Including concepts on programming languages, data management, computer networks, computational thinking, etc.

Statistics (St) – Including concepts like data collection, analysis & interpretation, graphical representation, correlation & regression, etc.


Compulsory – English

Optional: Kannada, Hindi, or French


Enrichment Programmes

are offered during the academic year: They make students industry-ready by indulging in activities and projects that allow the development of application-based skills, confident approach, and a growth mindset. It includes specialised courses like AI Bootcamp, Financial Management, Visual Communication, Design Thinking, etc., that are curated by industry experts.

Work Exposure Learning Programme

It creates a platform for students to explore their dream careers and understand the functioning of organisations, industry, and market.

Outbound Learning Programme

It brings real-life experience into the classrooms. It includes educational trips, field excursions, off-site learning, etc., to enhance students’ practical knowledge.

Student Clubs

led by students for students: They’re dedicated to specific objectives, interests, or activities like Music, Dance, Drama,Photography, Reading, Creative Arts, Sports, etc.

Career Support Programme

that includes guidance, mentorship, and counselling for parents and students: It includes expert-led seminars, skill-building workshops, mock interviews, training sessions, etc., which provide the relevant support for students to pursue their dream careers in their native country or abroad.

Why CMR NPUC Ranks Among The Best Commerce Pre University Colleges In Bangalore?

CMRNPUC, one of the goodcommerce pu colleges in Bangalore, promises a great start to students’ careers, as it:

  • Offers an inquiry-driven, conducive, and nurturing learning environment that supports autonomous learning,
  • Is backed by a skilled, visionary & passionate leadership and academic team,
  • Implements a holistic learning curriculum, balanced with adequate online & offline activities to make students future-ready and life-ready,
  • Provides students with individual learning support (e.g., mentoring, counselling, remedial teaching,etc.) to perform well in competitive examinations and professional interviews, and
  • Supports extracurricular pursuits to enhance exposure and ensure the holistic development and wellbeing of students.Students looking for PUC commerce courses or the best commerce pre university colleges in Bangalore are encouraged to learn more about the admission process to CMRNPUC. Click here!

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