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PU Colleges in Kammanahalli Bangalore

If you are looking for PU colleges in kammanahalli , Bangalore, then you have arrived at the right place!

The CMR National PU College, one of the leading PU colleges in kammanahalli , builds a robust conceptual foundation for young learners through diverse learning experiences to prepare them for higher education. We are recognised by the Government of Karnataka and the Department of Pre-University Education, India.

The fourth industrial revolution knocking on our doors demands the development of 21st-century skills (like problem-solving, decision-making, analytical reasoning and design thinking) that will be relevant by the time our students join the future workforce. These critical life skills are essential for excelling in college entrance exams, national & international-level competitive exams, professional workspaces, and creating innovative solutions for the unimaginable challenges of the future. Our student-centric PU courses set the foundation for higher education, facilitate students’ smooth transition to college or university, and ensure future readiness by building time-relevant skills necessary to attain academic & professional goals. The two-year intermediate-level courses are offered to students in grades XI (PUC 1st year) and XII (PUC 2nd year).

CMRNPUC HRBR places equal emphasis on academicssportsextracurricular activities, social projects, and value developmentOur broad, well-balanced, inquiry-driven & skill-oriented curriculum is aligned with the Karnataka State Board’s prescribed curriculum and is specially crafted to keep the flame of curiosity burning.

For students looking for PU colleges in kammanahalli , Bangalore, CMRNPUC HRBR offers courses in science and commerce disciplines. Here is a brief overview.

The Benefits of PUC Commerce Courses

  • CMRNPU’s PUC commerce courses are

    crafted to include comprehensive

    information about Accountancy,

    Business Studies, Commerce,

    Economics, Mathematics,

    Statistics, Computers,

    etc. They aim to help students

    master the basics.

  • The curriculum is diverse, including

    personalised and differentiated

    activities (e.g., model-making, PPT

    presentations, group projects, etc.)

    that cater to multiple learning styles.

  • The syllabus supports autonomous

    learning and professional skill

    development. E.g., effective decision-

    making, problem-solving, creativity,

    collaboration, communication, design

    thinking, etc.

  • The course includes application-

    based concepts, assignments, and

    assessments that prepare students for

    the board and national-level college


  • PUC commerce courses offer valuable

    insights into the curriculum of higher

    studies, allowing students to easily

    adapt and mould themselves into the

    university system.

  • The insights and skills acquired

    during the course empower students

    to pursue careers in non-commerce

    or other related fields. E.g., digital

    marketing, law, multimedia,

    filmmaking, social services, etc.

The academic subjects are enriched with extracurricular programmes and community initiatives, creating opportunities for students to bond socially, fine-tune their skills,and pursue their hobbies.


Science (PUC I and II)

The PUC science programme at CMRNPUC HRBR invokes students’ interest and ensures mastery of basic concepts in science. The course aims to develop a scientific temperament and skills like observation, logical reasoning, critical & analytical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, inference and innovation, which are essential for students to pursue a rewarding career in this field. The subject combinations offered for science include:

Languages English (as the compulsory language) and Kannada, Hindi, or French (as the optional language)

Core Subjects PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) or PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science)

The knowledge and skills gained during the duration of the course open avenues for students to pursue rewarding careers in various industries. E.g., medical science, home science, forensic science, bioscience, biotechnology, biochempu colleges in kammanahalli bistry, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy, nutrition & dietetics, statistics, data science, AI, IT, aviation, astronomy etc.

Commerce (PUC I and II)

The PUC commerce programme at CMRNPUC HRBR is designed to invoke interest in accountancy, commerce, business studies, economics, computer, technology, statistics and mathematics etc., to ensure learners can quickly adapt and mould themselves into the changing economy. They build effective management, leadership, communication, collaboration, organisation, data literacy, and other skills that develop proficiency in numbers and business. This academic discipline is recommended for students who wish to join the corporate world of the future. The subject combinations offered under this course include:

Languages English (as the compulsory language) and Kannada, Hindi, or French (as the optional language)

Core Subjects SEBA (Statistics, Economics, Business Studies & Accounts) CEBA (Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies & Accounts)

After completing the two-year course, students can find employment in various industries. E.g., cost accountancy, chartered accountancy, professional accountancy, finance, banking, investment banking, insurance, retail, sales, marketing, HR, actuary, budget analysis etc.

Other Programs

Outbound Learning

The goal of CMRNPUC’s out-of-classroom learning initiative is to enhance academic instruction with practical application. During the summer and Dussehra breaks, field tours and instructional outings tailored to streams are organized for students to develop their practical knowledge.

Student Clubs:

Students can discover and develop their unique talents with the help of clubs. Students can select their chosen club and take part in inter-house competitions, presentations, and discussions. The clubs include, among others, the Creative Arts, Photography, Editorial, Reading, Music, Dance, and Sports groups.

Work Exposure Program:

The Work Exposure Program at CMRNPUC provides students with an opportunity to learn about various job fields and pursue the careers of their dreams. We work with vibrant, creative, and eager organizations that are committed to nurturing young minds.

College and Career Guidance

The CMRNPUC’s College and Career Guidance department is dedicated to helping students find the right path for them. We offer support and guidance so that students and their parents can make informed decisions about their future. Our goal is to help students find a career or educational path that will lead to a fulfilling life.


CMRNPUC HRBR provides an excellent platform for students seeking enrollment at PU colleges in kammanahalli because of the following factors.

  • Faculty: The well-designed PUC courses are implemented by skilled, passionate, visionary, and seasoned educators who offer structured support to learners. They facilitate collaborative classroom interactions and create opportunities for learners to engage in meaningful learning experiences. Effective mentorship, structured feedback, and constant motivation by educators empower learners to use their knowledge and skills in real-life contexts & develop an interest in the course content.
  • Professional Development Programmes: Our Work Exposure Programme (WEP) offers first-hand exposure to the industry. As a part of the programme, students are placed as interns in various organisations during their breaks or vacations to gain valuable insights and understand their field of work. In addition, the university also provides career counselling, training sessions, and mentorship to help learners make informed decisions while choosing a career. Deliberate practice of concepts and skills developed through practical application ensures students are prepared for competitive exams.
  • Infrastructure: The institution boasts world-class infrastructure, specially designed to capture students’ attention and engage their interests in various academic extracurricular activities. HRBR’s expansive campus includes.
    • •  sunlit and well-ventilated classrooms with panoramic windows,
    • •  dedicated laboratories for various sciences,
    • •  an outdoor playground with sports courts,
    • •  a well-stocked library with an abundance of books, and
    • • an amphitheatre where students can organise cultural activities
  • Part of CMR Legacy CMR NPUC is a part of a glorious legacy: the CMR Group of Institutions. The CMR Jnanadhara Trust manages the renowned group and was founded as a tribute to the visionary educationist & philanthropist Lt. Sri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy in 1990. The CMR group is a diverse conglomerate of K-12 schools, Centers of Excellence for Research, a private university, and various institutions of higher education.
  • Enrichment Programmes:  Enrichment Programmes were introduced with the objective of helping students align their career and academic goals. They run alongside the main curriculum, under the supervision of industrial exports, to ensure learners are industry-ready. AI Bootcamp, financial management, visual communication, graphic design and animation, and other programmes ensure that students can pursue careers in secondary fields. They develop a confident mindset and expose students to skills required to succeed as learners, thinkers, doers, and thought leaders.

Click here to learn more about the PU courses at CMRNPUC HRBR. Also, discover why it differs from other PU colleges in kammanahalli , Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among the top Pre University colleges near Kammanahalli that you can join after completing your class 12 examinations, CMR National PU College at HRBR can be an excellent choice. We offer science and commerce. Under Science – PCMB, PCMC whereas for Commerce – SEBA or CEBA

To choose the best Pre University colleges near Kammanahalli , conduct online research, visit the campus to get a better understanding of the college environment, infrastructure, and facilities. Talk to alumni to make an informed decision.

One of the options to consider while choosing a PU college near Kammanahalli is CMR National PU College (CMR NPUC) HRBR. We have a reputation for providing quality education to its students with a dedicated faculty and excellent infrastructure.

A Pre University College offers a wide range of combinations when it comes to courses. Some of the popular course combination of CMR National Pre University College at HRBR includes:

For the science stream, you can take up biology or computer science along with physics, mathematics and chemistry as your core subjects.

However, in the commerce stream, students can choose business studies, economics, and accountancy as their core subjects. But for the optional one can choose between computer science or statistics.

The admission procedure for Pre-University courses near Kammanahalli typically involves the following steps:

  • • Application to a best pu college near Kammanahalli

  • • Eligibility: Generally, students who have completed their 10th standard or equivalent are eligible to apply for Pre-University courses.

  • • Selection Criteria and Document Verification

  • • Fee Payment.

For those looking for PU colleges in Kammanahalli , CMR National PU College (CMR NPUC) HRBR is a great option.

Pre-University courses (PUC) refer to two-year intermediate courses offered by colleges in India, typically after the completion of 10th grade. The course serves as a bridge between secondary education and undergraduate studies. The Pre-University courses are divided into three main streams, namely Science, Commerce, and Arts, and provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers subjects such as languages, mathematics, science, social studies, and others. Upon completion of Pre-University courses, students can choose to pursue various undergraduate degree programs such as engineering, medicine, law, commerce, and arts.

Pre-University (PUC) courses are intermediate courses offered by colleges in India after the completion of secondary education (10th grade). While PUC is not considered as a higher education program, it is a critical phase in the academic journey of students as it acts as a bridge between secondary education and undergraduate studies. PUC courses provide a strong foundation in various subjects and help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge required for higher education programs. Upon completion of PUC courses, students can opt for undergraduate degree programs in various fields such as engineering, medicine, law, commerce, and arts.

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