Our Work Exposure Program (WEP) 2019 is in progress, and the students of  CMR National PU College, CMR National Public School, and Ekya Schools are having some professional time at their summer internships. Our students are placed in reputed organizations such as; Advance Education & Computer Services, XLR8, Olive Planet, Play Arena, The Green Pocket, Goobes Book Republic, Vita Beans Neural Solutions, Arius Holidays, Photomojo, Reap Benefit, Bengaluru FC, Lodestar, Crazy Holidays. Many NGOs such as; U&I, Sandesh, Avasar Foundation, Key Education Foundation, Diya Foundation, Indus Action, Udhyam Learning Foundation, CRY-Child Rights and You and Reap Benefit have accepted our students for summer internships.

In this blog, we have shared the students’ account on their experience and learning at WEP 2019.

Diya & Ashmika  
Interning at Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

We would like to share our experience and the knowledge gained while working at Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.

Here are the following things we learned during the work exposure:

  • Ensure you come early on your first day so that you don’t get gloomy thoughts about yourself and the first day.
  • Writing formal emails when you require leave or any sort of permission to be taken.
  • To be ready to work as per the task assigned at any given point of time.
  • Working with new partners and cooperating together
  • Always communicate to the point, so that you don’t end up causing any misunderstandings between your team and Manager.

Interning at Green Pocket (Organising summer camp for children)

The GreenPocket is a beautiful and creative place for the kids to just enjoy and spend some happy time. Surrounded by trees and nature it is a tiny little place for the kids to re-energize. We do many different activities every day ranging from dance, craft, swimming, storytelling, wall painting, field trips to spending time with the pets around. I am enjoying my time here along with the kids and have started to feel like a kid again. I thank WEP and The GreenPocket for this lovely opportunity for me to explore my childhood again and learn lessons on teamwork and unity.

Interning at Bengaluru Football Club

I have been working for almost a month now in The Bengaluru Football Club (BFC). The work assigned was tiring as well as challenging, but it also got the best out of me. Be it inventory management, inventory stock, data entry, and being a part of the media team indeed felt great and working India’s richest football club has enriched my experience as to how remarkably excellent the club has performed in previous tournaments. I also got an understanding of the management functions in a firm and this experience would surely benefit my career in the future. I am thankful to the CMR Group of Institutions for providing me with such an amazing experience and opportunity.

Interning at Photomojo

The Internship programme is going on pretty well. Every day, we learn new things and most of all we get a lot of practice. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m glad to be a part of this amazing company.

Interning at AECS

I am learning Web Design in the internship at AECS Academy (ARENA). I also learned how to use Word press to make different websites, and the mentors here are kind and approachable.

Interning at Olive Planet (Store for Military Gear)

I am having a great time at my internship. The place where I intern at, Olive Planet is a lovely place and I’ve learned a lot since joining. The people here are super helpful, encouraging and teach me new things.

Interning at XLR8 (Indoor Sports Arena)

The working environment at XLR8 is really good and I am thankful for the work exposure program for such an initiative. It is all going good!

Interning at Vita Beans

My internship is going on very well at Vita Beans. I have been working on a common project called “Parentship Activities” which is based on different subjects such as; Maths, Science, Social Science, and English. We work in groups of two people with a unique topic based on the above subjects. We were asked to think of an activity based on the topic and fill all the relevant sections in Google Docs. I am now working on some special projects, and create content for social media. My experience of Interning at Vita Beans in an office environment along with professionals is wonderful. I learned how to be social and how to interact with people. This internship also helped me to advance my thinking ability and interaction skills.

Interning at XLR8

It’s been four weeks since I started my internship and I’ve learned a lot during this period. It’s been a nice experience where we get to learn about some new sports like paddle tennis and handball. We were given the task to handle the summer camp for kids where we monitored and guided the participants. It’s a nice working environment and I thank the work exposure program for introducing such an initiative.

Interning at Lodestar Career Guidance

The people here are really good and kind to us. My experience at Lodestar career guidance is really amazing. We learned how to do excel sheet works in a better way. I have learned how to research in a better way. We have learned how to coordinate with people. I am really thankful that our college gave this opportunity to us.

Interning at Diya Foundation

I am working at the Diya Foundation assisting the intellectually disabled people on their fine motor skills and art. This internship has really exposed me to a large section of society that I was not acquainted with. I have never met or worked with intellectually disabled people and it did take me some time to settle down in that surrounding. At times I would get so anxious as to what to say and what to do, but after a few days, I had started looking forward to going to Diya every morning. I have met so many amazing people over the course of the 2 weeks. One of the main things I have learned is to be more patient and empathetic towards others. So far, I have had a great time at Diya!

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