I remember the first time I met Mrs. Anitha Iyer, the principal of CMR NPUC. It was the day of my interview. I was in the 10th and really wanted to get into this particular school as I had heard only good things about it from my seniors who had passed out. I was really nervous to meet her. However, as soon as I entered her room and saw her smiling face, I felt calmer and more confident. Once the introductions were exchanged, she explained everything that goes on in the school and she encouraged, not only me I’m sure, but all the students to participate in the various events that had been taking place at school.

On my first day, I met a bunch of new classmates and seniors. Like all first days, the air was full of excitement and anticipation. All of us were looking forward to making our own close set of friends and personally meeting and introducing ourselves to the faculty. The Orientation Day was indeed very informative, but it was too short a time to actually figure out who’s who. We all had a very warm and hearty welcome.

Gradually, we got accustomed to our school routine; waking up and getting ready to board the bus, finishing up our homework (at least before the respective classes began), preparing for all the class tests and quarterlies and what not. We had a number of extra-curricular clubs and a proper democratic student body, who would be in charge when the teachers weren’t around.
We had full-fledged football, basketball, throw ball, volleyball, and cricket teams, who participated in various inter-school competitions – just giving their best and having fun while playing. There were tons of co-curricular, extracurricular and inter-house events that kept everyone busy. The faculty led by Anitha Ma’am was really supportive and all the teachers,
irrespective of whether they taught us, encouraged us to participate in any fests and competitions that came our way. On the academic front, they would even spend extra hours to sit with us, just to make sure everybody understood the curriculum and had no difficulties whatsoever. Even though they were strict about discipline and studies, they strived to make us
independent and help us unlock our true potential.

In the summer break after completion of 1 PUC, the school had arranged a ‘’Work Exposure program’’ in a number of companies for the students to intern in. Anitha Ma’am was really thrilled about the fact that several of us had enrolled for this program and spent our summer break constructively. The internships gave all of us exposure to the way companies operate and also helped us become independent and learn to commute all over Bengaluru city on our own.

Once the academic session for 2 PUC commenced it was an entirely different routine. There were many more classes and the focus was more on studies rather than on extra-curricular activities. We did have our fair share of participation in activities though. We were seniors now and it was our responsibility to mould our juniors into the school environment and ensure that
they would maintain the decorum and discipline of our institution.

Every year around October-November, we host TEDx events in our amphitheater. It is a platform for people of various fields to either educate the audience regarding their field of work or to inspire the audience by explaining their life struggles which then led to success. Our target audience is mainly young adults. Hosting this event is a huge opportunity for us to stand up on our own feet as it is entirely a student-based event. The teachers leave us to handle all arrangements on our own as a learning experience, although they do help us when we approach them. In 1 PUC, I was merely a spectator at this event as I wasn’t quite certain of what a TEDx event was. However, after experiencing the same, I volunteered for this event in 2 PUC and was thrilled to be made a key member of the core team. The interactions I had with potential speakers opened up my communication and social skills and embedded thoughts of a career in HR in me.

Towards the end of the academic year, there were continuous class tests and revisions that helped us prepare for the board exams. We were given a month off before they began, to study at home with peace and concentration. Even during this break, the teachers were open to clarify doubts and to explain any misunderstood detail. When the boards began, they
encouraged all the students to give it their best.
A month after the boards I was invited for an interview at Christ University. I was nervous again as I was shifting from pure science to arts, and hence was unsure of the questions they might ask me. I believe that because of the grooming I got through participation in various events at CMR, I was able to think spontaneously and give appropriate answers to all the questions that were asked to me. A few days later, I was delighted to get a message that I had been accepted
for the course. I met the Head of Department of my course and the Vice Chancellor who gave a brief introduction of the college. They were happy to have a candidate like me as they said they liked my spirit and my participation in various events and activities at CMR and hoped that I would continue to do the same at Christ.

Even though I have spent just 2 years at CMR, it feels like another home to me. I am so happy to have got so many platforms to showcase my talent, be it dancing or sports or just participation in various events. All the teachers are so loving and caring. Anitha Ma’am is a lovely person. She treats her fellow teachers just like a close-net family and creates a friendly atmosphere with the students. However, she can also be very strict when certain rules are not followed. I do hope that I have fulfilled the expectations of my teachers and will carry the values they have instilled in me in my journey forward.

  • Sanjukta Menon

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