Children’s psychological health is on everyone’s radar, including ours! 

Depression is a global issue affecting over 300 million people worldwide, and is predicted to be the leading cause of disability by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. Recent studies indicate that depression rates among young people in India are increasing, with prevalence rates ranging from 31% to 57%. Additionally, Unicef reports that one out of seven young people between the ages of 15 to 24 in India always feels depressed or has little interest in doing things.

CMR National Pre-University College acknowledges the importance of creating an environment that caters to students’ intellectual growth and emotional resilience. We’ve taken various steps, from introducing campus counsellors to implementing journaling. This article is another step in extending our support to our students, offering insights into how young adults can prioritise their mental well-being. 

What Does it Mean to be Mentally Healthy?

Being mentally healthy involves achieving harmony among mind, body, and feelings.

You may have caught yourself being naturally good at a task, which might have been your first attempt. If you delve deeper into that outcome, you’ll discover a beautiful balance of body and mind that must have influenced your emotional state.

The body and mind are interdependent. The feeling is the outcome of the state of the two. 

Strategies to Follow for a Balanced State of Mind

This collection of strategies is designed by identifying diverse mental blocks, disturbances, and traps and providing guidance on how to disengage from them. We begin by attending to your body and then gradually shift our focus to nurturing your mind, ultimately sharpening it for exceptional results. These insights will help you maintain a healthy routine and cultivate a positive perspective on life. 


Worry less, and Play Hard!

You read that right! 

We know you are in your pre-university course, the most defining moment of your career, yet we suggest you worry less and play hard. This technique first decompresses you and removes you from all the pent-up pressure. You can then spend time worrying less and strategising better. 

The more physically active you are, the sharper you are mentally. 

Eat Right. Sleep Tight!

With every corner of Bangalore filled with enticing junk food, it is just too easy to be tempted to eat it. Please know that it disrupts your sleep pattern, digestive system, and mental wellness. 

Instead, choose healthy snacks like sprouts, nuts, roasted chickpeas, mixed salads, and vegetable bowls. Designate your cheat days; do not pressurise yourself to adhere to them strictly.

Smart eats, good sleep – the key to well-being!

Dance Your Way Out!

Even if you think you are the worst dancer, know that it is just an excuse you give yourself to have a good time. 

If you are angry, frustrated, jealous, anxious, or highly irritable, the first thing to do is put on your headphones, crank up the music, and dance like nobody’s watching. – you might be surprised at how it lightens your mood and brings a sense of relief. 

Dancing without knowing what your next move is going to be is a liberating and joyful experience. It will allow you to release pent-up emotions and transform negativity into positive energy. 

       Move to release, let go, grow. 


Sit Still and Do Nothing!

Feeling lost often comes from the pressure to always be doing something (pressure to be good at something). 

Take a break; sometimes, just sit still and do nothing. Add background music, a scented candle, and dim lights for a calming atmosphere. In these quiet moments, you may find clarity and a sense of absolute satisfaction with being with yourself. 

If you make a habit of practising stillness and doing nothing, you’ll develop the ability to be attentive even in social situations.

Sit still to listen, learn, heal.

Embrace Your Awesomeness!

Did you know that every one of us is amazing, regardless of our self-perceptions?

As a student, there may be times when self-doubt affects your openness to trying new approaches when dealing with repeated challenges. However, it is essential to remind yourself of your superpowers. 

Affirmations like “I choose to love and appreciate myself unconditionally”, “I am confident, capable, and strong”, “Abundance flows into my life effortlessly”, “I choose to nourish my body with healthy food and positive thoughts”, “I attract more blessings by expressing gratitude every day”, “I am focused, and my mind is clear and sharp”, “I am at peace with myself, and I let go of stress and tension” can help you remember how truly amazing you are. 

My thoughts are powerful, and I focus on creating a positive reality.

Scribble & Sparkle!

Whether you’re typing or putting pen to paper, fill your journals with your thoughts.

Journaling is an incredibly useful tool for gaining perspective. Sometimes, the problems in our minds seem larger than life. When we take the time to write them down, it often reveals that they aren’t as overwhelming as we initially thought. 

Writing allows us to untangle our thoughts, gain clarity, and find solutions more effectively. 

Let the ink flow, and watch your worries vanish.

Tips to Enhance Mental Sharpness

As you reach a state of optimal mental well-being, you might be eager to elevate it further. Here are some excellent tips to enhance your cognitive prowess:

  1. Engage in Daily Challenges
  2. Draw, Paint, Write – Relearn & Repeat
  3. Organise Your Days’ Work
  4. Take-up Brain Training Exercises
  5. Expand Skills and Knowledge 

Incorporate these tips into your daily routine and see your mental health and well-being sharpening significantly. This approach helps you refine cognitive abilities, no matter how old you become, and therefore fosters a resilient and agile mind for life. 

Sharpen your mind daily for a resilient lifestyle.

Prioritising Mental Well-Being at CMR National Pre-University College

Mental health in students plays a crucial role in enhancing their positive vibe, which inspires everyone around them. We understand this significance at CMR National Pre-University College, which is recognised as one of best pu colleges bangalore. Our commitment extends to offering support services and advice to help our children achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and feeling. 

When applied to daily life scenarios, the strategies provided in this article are the most helpful gifts that students, especially those seeking the best PUC in Bangalore, can give themselves. They help you disengage from mental blocks, disturbances and traps and cultivate a positive perspective on life.  As one of the best science colleges in Bangalore for puc, commerce and humanities, we emphasise the importance of holistic well-being. 

It’s important to remember that you are amazing and unique, and taking care of your mental health will help you achieve exceptional results in all aspects of your life. So, embrace your awesomeness, scribble, sparkle, and always prioritise taking care of yourself!

Final Note:

It is important to seek the advice of a mental health professional whenever you are experiencing challenges that affect your well-being. Their expertise and guidance can be extremely valuable in helping you navigate and address mental health concerns. Seeking professional help is a proactive step towards understanding, managing, and improving your mental health. Always remember that you don’t have to face these challenges alone – there is support available, and reaching out for help is a sign of strength.

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