Social media is no longer a fancy term, instead, it has become a necessity in today’s time for both individuals and businesses alike. The importance of social media in our lives is now unquestionable. For most of us, social media is an important part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, choose your favourite, also, there is no denying that our days are incomplete without these sites. In the years gone by, the importance of social media was even more appreciated.

During the pandemic with countries going under lockdown for months; our needs, priorities and lifestyle too has taken a shift. The way we earn, spend, learn and even socialize is unlike what we did before 2020. Since we couldn’t move out of our homes for days or even months, the internet and social media sites were our only resort. It was during this time that we realized the real importance of social media and how impactful it is on our lives.

On the other hand, we see people spending lots of time taking selfies and posting them on social media, meanwhile updating their status with day-to-day activities with families and friends. Now it has become a practice for adults and also for children posting day-to-day activities on social media and also making reels. Is this the only enjoyment in our lives? There were times when we used to enjoy spending time with family without social media. Whom to blame for this ourselves or social media? Our children are carried away looking at all the fancy gadgets. There were times when children were excited about playing with toys but now? 
Think about it…..

Ms.Jyothsna Serrao,
English Department

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