II PU Program

The college offers following streams and courses under the Pre- University :

Science  Stream:  
Core Subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Optionals – Biology or Computers or Electronics  
Combination    PCMB, PCMC, PCME 
Commerce Stream:
Core Subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Basic Maths
Optionals – Computers or Statistics
Combination     EABC, EABS, BABS
Language – English
Language II – Kannada or Hindi or French

In all, a student studies 6 subjects (both in 1st and 2nd PUC) comprising of English, three core subjects, one optional subject and one language.

From the academic year 2012-13, the Pre University Board of Karnataka has revised both Science & Commerce syllabus and upgraded it to CBSE level by introducing the concept based /user friendly NCERT textbook and workbook for the Science and Commerce students.