College Competitions

Competitions are a valuable aspect of the inter-house program. Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in various competitions ranging from Novum, the college science and commerce fest, Akshara – Literary Day, Sanskriti -Cultural day, Ethnic Day, Children’s Day and Sports Week.



The annual science fest Novum 2018 was ushered in with numerous informative science and
Math models ranging from a computerized Periodic table to an automated plant watering system. These working models were innovative and practical, covering topics like soil moisture sensors, stages in the growth of a foetus, smoke controlling machines, wall climbing robots and the integration of Mathematical concepts in the architectural designs at the world famous Taj Mahal. We had as our distinguished judges, eminent personalities who were in awe of the exhibits and appreciated the practical application of Science in our day-to-day experiences. The event also had a number of mesmerizing handcrafted artifacts and mouthwatering food on offer. The sales proceeds from the event would be utilized in assisting the marginalized sections of our society.

The Winners of Novum 2018 are:

I – Wall climbing Robots {Akshay Raj, Hemanth& Rohan.S}
II – Vande Graaff Generator {Ryad Ali, Taha Mohammed& Adnan Khan}
III – WorkoutSwatchatha {Madiha, Charanya& Deeksha}

I – Bioluminicent Trees {Karan,Sreesha,Paari& Shreyas}
II – Effect of smoking on lungs {Samitha, Rafiya, Anushree& Deepa}
III – The Human Eye { Heba, Ebba, Md.Ishaq& Rayad Ali}

I – Graphene {Dushyant& Yashas}
II – Solar Water Bulb{Naman, Joshua& Krishna}
III – Smoke Ioniser {Vaishnav, Arun, Shreyas Milinder& Abhilash.D}

I – Optical Illusion {Karan,Shreyas.S,Shreesha.K&Mohd.Ishaq}
II (shared by two teams)
– Movement Of Piston {K.Shreevatsa&N.B.Vidyashree}
– Golden Ratio {Namrata Philip,Jayaprada.B&Akshita Gairola}
III – Gomboc {Shiv Abishek,Yogin.M,Aaditya Krishna Vamshi&Prajwal.P Shetty}

I – Conductivity Using Graphene {Dhushyant.S&Yashas.M}
II – (shared by two teams)
– Four Quadrant Speed Control {Chris Benjamin,Rohan AS,Siddarth M&Vengadasalam}
– Metal Detector {Rijuth Menon,Shashank S&Suhas GL}
III – Quad Copter Drones {Rohit S}

I – Biometric Finger print Scanning {Swapneel,Rijuth,Krithik&Aditya Kulkarni}
II – Park The Car {Kanchan Pathak,Hariharan T&Sanjay Kumar S}
III – Lobby (Online Banking) { Mohd.Shadab&Ajay.L}


Scientific knowledge with the twist of commerce – Marriage between intellectual science and articulate commerce. Call it any way you like, but NOVUM is NOVUM, a hallmark by itself. As technology, marketing, innovation, finance crisscrossed and shook hands; the amalgamation was spectacular.

Events at Novum:

Amusement Park
Biogas Plant
Eco-Friendly Road
Cleaning Machine
Electro Magnetic Train
HIV Penetration and Destruction
Hydraulic City
Math in Bridges
Muscle Maze
Music & Maths
Online CMR Polls
R C Car
Smart Street Light
Sterling Engine
Touch Me Not
Waste Management
Wind Tunnel Experiment

More Events at Novum



A seminar was conducted for the students of all the 3 electives (Biology, Computer Science and Electronics). The topics were – ZIKA VIRUS & ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN HOSPITALS.

Contra Zoom (Moviemaking)

An event where the students were asked to capture video clips on the topic – Impact of smartphones on students.


An event to test the students’ teamwork, ability to innovate and coordinate within the given span of time. The participants were required to create a product from random objects and market it.


A perfect answer to the ongoing debate whether Science makes Commerce or Commerce sells Science, this event established that advertising is one of the most powerful cerebral art forms.


An amalgamation of drama and science.


This provided an opportunity for students to unleash their scientific reporting skills and bring awareness about the latest scientific developments.


Solving puzzles about elements in the periodic table, chem charades, 4-pics 1 word (to guess a term in chemistry using the 4 pics)


An attempt to make the unacceptable – acceptable. The event required the students to write a criticism about the advertisement shown to them.


An individual event, where participants represented business icons and convincingly persuaded the judges, that they were the most imperative in business and deserving of a parachute.


A combination of general awareness, audio-visual round rapid-fire questions of 4 rounds kept the participants on their buzzer.


A trading event that brought BSE and NSE virtually into the classrooms. The students completely enjoyed themselves as they participated in the ‘noble speculation’. Most importantly, the teenagers got hands-on experience of the most complicated, volatile stock exchange.


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Energetic teams scampered all over the campus to unearth hidden objects related to the 26 letters of the English Alphabet.

Daud Likhawath (Running dictation)

The link between what one perceives and what gets communicated across was tested in the event titled Daud Likhawath.

Glib Spiel (Teen Story Slam)

An orator’s delight which had an eclectic mix of famed celebrities and contrasting situations that left the audience asking for more.

Inquisition (Quiz)

Curious minds battled it out to a nail-biting finish as their quizzing skills where put to the ultimate test in Inquisition.

Laghu Katha (Short Story Writing)

A story writing competition where the participants had to use their imagination and the theme is given to spin a yarn.

Modern Shakespeare

Paying tribute to England’s National poet, Students had to compose and sing a limerick, seasoning it with lots of humour to the sound of beatboxing.

Mystery Box

Tapping into their creative side, the event showcased miniature creations mirroring a host of emotions.

Paperbag Skit

Ten random props had to be utilised to enthrall the audience ranging from the rejection of an NRI groom by a desi bride to a hilarious take on Amitabh’s KBC.

Vaad Vivaad (Debate)

Voicing their opinion and strongly depending on their stance the participants stormed through a host of thought-provoking issues in a multilingual debate session.

Verdant Vistas (Documentary Films Making)

Staying true to the theme (“Go Green”) our budding filmmakers had to shoot, record and edit a documentary film all by themselves.