President CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy

President, CMR Jnanadhara Trust | Chancellor, CMR University

Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy is a lady with a vision to provide high quality education to her community. She founded the CMR Jnanadhara Trust in 1990. The Trust first started the National Junior School (now CMR National Public School). What started as a modest school in an orchard is now a full-fledged CBSE school that appends to its laurels. Today, the CMR Group runs 20 institutions in Bangalore alone, educating thousands of students every year. Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy’s approachable personality, her vision for the future of education and her child-centric approach is an inspiration to parents and students alike.

President’s Message

CMR Jnanadhara Trust has dedicated itself to the service of society through its various educational institutions. The Group is built on a strong ethical foundation which encourages students to strive for the best and tread their own path of success.

At CMR PU College, we provide a balanced mix of academics, extra curricular activities and discipline, preparing students for an excellent professional and a meaningful public life.

Vice President CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy

Founder & Managing Director, Ekya Schools | Vice President, CMR Group of Institutions

Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy founded Ekya Schools to bring pedagogically sound, research-based learning experiences to India. She spearheads K-12 initiatives under the CMR Group, overseeing state board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and pre-university institutes, totally an overall student strength of 5000.

Dr. Tristha holds a Bachelor’s degree from Singapore Management University. She has a Master’s from Stanford University School of Education, and a  Doctorate in Education from Kings’ College London. Her past research has focused on topics including educational equity, teacher motivation, education policy and curriculum construction.

She brings cutting edge educational advancements to Ekya through her exposure to the principles of Project Zero Classroom from Harvard University, inquiry based learning from Reggio, Italy and design thinking from Stanford

Through her leadership, Ekya has grown and continues to grow, with new schools opening yearly throughout Bangalore. Her child-first approach to education has brought new globally acknowledged methods to the CMR group’s educational identity.


At CMR, the child is at the core of everything we do – from how our campus looks, to how our educators are trained and how we design learning. We strongly believe in the ability of our students and what they can achieve when the right platform is provided. These students are independent thinkers and problem-solvers that take ownership of their learning beyond the limitations of textbooks.

Students of CMR are mindful, respectful and display confidence in their interactions with situations and people around them. It is a culture of high expectations, supported by the community at college. CMR educators and parents work in partnership to build a safe, conducive environment that allows each child to excel.

I encourage progressive educators, parents and students to join our community as we bring learning to life.

PRINCIPAL, CMR National PU College, HRBR Layout

Ms. Angel Isaac Paul


CMRNPUC is a unique experience, laying emphasis on individual excellence. We provide a safe, caring and educationally challenging environment to students. We follow a student- friendly approach, which instills confidence, develops critical, analytical, leadership skills and helps to push the limits of intellectual curiosity.