CMR Jnanadhara Trust

The CMR Jnanadhara Trust was established in 1990, as a tribute to the late Sri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy, a visionary educationalist and philanthropist who believed that every individual deserves access to a quality education. Although he passed away before he could achieve his dream of providing quality education to his local community, his family has honored his legacy with the creation of the Trust. In accordance with his vision, the CMR educational institutes were founded to give every student a chance at an outstanding, value-based and well-rounded education. The CMR Jnanadhara Trust, operated by Reddy’s family, supports and manages all the activities of the CMR Group of Institutions.

CMR Group of Institutions

The CMR Group is a unique educational conglomerate consisting of K-12 schools, a number of institutions of Higher Education, a Pre-University College, various Centres of Excellence in Research, and a Private University. These educational institutions are located at eleven different campuses across the city of Bangalore, India. CMR has also partnered with the National Education Trust to found the NPS International School on a lush 6-acre campus in Singapore. The Group caters to over 18000 students from 58+ countries. Academic programmes are varied and cover more than 50 areas of study including engineering, education, law, management, biosciences, business administration, and psychology at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

These institutions were established to promote academic and professional excellence in their respective fields. The CMR Group of Institutions include:

CMR National Public School
CMR National P.U. College
CMR National P.U. College BTM
CMR National P.U. College ITPL
CMR National P.U. College HRBR
CMR National P.U. College Byrathi
CMR NPUC NICE Road Upcoming..
CMR University
School of Architecture
School of Economics and Commerce
School of Engineering and Technology
School of Management
School of Science Studies
School of Design
School of Social Science and Humanities
School of Legal Studies
School of Education
CMR Institute of Technology
CMR Centre for Business Studies
NPS International School, Singapore
Ekya Schools
Ekya School JP Nagar
Ekya School ITPL
Ekya School BTM Layout
Ekya School Byrathi
Ekya Kala Upcoming..
Ekya NICE Road Upcoming..

CMR University

CMR University (CMRU) is a private university in the state of Karnataka, established and governed by the CMR University Act-2013. CMR University aims to promote and undertake the advancement of university education in technical, health, management, life sciences and other allied sectors of higher and professional education.

CMRU believes that creativity is the key competence required to excel in the complex world where independent thinkers, product leaders, artists, designers and innovators are the need of the hour. The students learn creative concepts and design thinking regardless of their area of study. Students are evaluated on the basis of real life skills such as teamwork, presentation, research and initiative. CMR University fosters creative communities where new ideas can be nurtured, new discoveries made and new creations shared.

Ekya Schools

Ekya Schools, in association with the National Public Schools, are the newest members of the CMR Group of Institutions. The Ekya Schools constantly encourage unity by means of diversity through a culture of community and collaboration. The Ekya learning experience focuses on developing a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness in a child through active learning.

The word Ekya is derived from the Sanskrit sounds of unity and individuality. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to grow and express oneself.

The Ekya curriculum, instruction, and assessment techniques are student-centric and evidence-based. The Ekya Learning Centre frequently updates teaching and educational strategies to create optimal learning environments for our students. Ekya educators also periodically undergo professional development modules that are designed in-house, as we believe that this is instrumental in shaping a student’s development, in every way.

The school forms the foundation for a child’s future, which is why we stress a collaborative approach, between you and us, between the teachers and us, and more importantly, between our teachers and your child. At Ekya, the unity of our approach supports the individuality of each student as they grow, develop, change and learn.

CMR Identity

The CMR logo is rooted in Indian tradition, yet rendered in the contemporary form of the Hamsa, the Swan. The swan is the carrier of Goddess Saraswathi – the Goddess of Learning.

It is said that the Swan with its sensitive beak has the power of discrimination – an ability to distinguish pure milk from a mixture of milk and water. The wings of the Swan rendered in the alternating flowing lines of blue and white represent the metaphor of milk and water. The blue stands for clarity of purpose and the white for purity of vision. The overall form of the logo radiates and sparkles in the calm, self-contained posture of the Swan gliding on water.