Role of Parents:

  • The process of learning cannot be fully accomplished unless the teachers, parents and students all work together to facilitate education.
  • The Parent-Teacher Meeting is one of the factors which creates harmonization, coordination and synchronization amongst parents and teachers. For all clarifications concerning the student’s academic performance, either of the parents should accompany the student ward to meet the authorities of the college.
  • Parents should not encourage their children wards to commute to college on bikes or cars when as they are underage to do so.
  • Parents can track the performance of their children wards through emails sent to them.
  • Parents agree to indemnify the college for any loss or damage caused to the college or its property or its people by the student as determined by the Principal or Director.
  • We expect the parents to be involved and support their child’s education and activities as planned by the College.
  • Parents, please understand that no fees either partial or full will be refunded in the event of termination or the student being required to leave the college during the course of the academic year for any reason, other than on medical grounds, at the discretion of the Board of Governors, CMRNPU, and could be based case-by-case.
  • Please understand that the wholesome development of the student is of utmost importance to the college and the college takes all required steps to ensure the safety. However, if any accidents or injuries are sustained by the student while taking part in sports, extra-curricular or any other form of activity, the college will not be held liable in such instances.

From Mr Rahul Chaturvedi, parent of Dhruv Chaturvedi

Dear Ma’am,


I like to extend my sincere thanks to you for all your support and directions extended to Dhruv. You provided him with a wonderful platform and opportunities to express his capabilities and to move on. Your personal touch and moral boost on managing his weaknesses and build upon strengths are highly appreciable. The values you are inculcating and the way you and your staff members are nurturing students at CMR is amazing.

I like to share some of the activities and performance Dhruv is involved with at California. Yesterday he delivered a talk at “Brawley High School, California” and attached the picture and the comments he received from one of his mentors from there.

Thank you Ma’am, from bottom of my heart for your all your support and guidance and encouragement to Dhruv.

With best regards,
Rahul Chaturvedi


Mr Sivakumar Balachandran, Parent of CMRNPUC ITPL

Hello Anitha Ma’am,

Kudos to you and team for the wonderful way in which you organized yesterday’s Orientation Day Ceremony. We were delighted to hear from earlier students speak with so much of respect for the teaching staff. Speaks volumes about the kind of values that you inculcate in children. My daughter is a part of your Commerce class and frankly, she had her own apprehensions, about the new place that she joined

Frankly, within a week, she did come back saying how she enjoys her classes and the way teachers interact with students. Compounded to this was Abhilash’s and his Dads’ wonderful speeches, yesterday.

That was a thorough boost for my daughter and me, as a parent.

The very strong lady army with such great qualifications also put me at a great level of comfort – I am now confident that my child is in wonderful hands for the next two years.

My sincere thanks and best wishes to you and team, once again

Warm Regards,
Sivakumar Balachandran


Appreciation from SAP

Dear Mrs Anitha,

Thank you so much for your incredible support to the Young Thinkers Program that we are nurturing here at SAP. The hackathon at HOPE Foundation Vocational Training Center concluded with great success and this wouldn’t have been possible without the effort put in by you, Mrs Jigisha and Mrs Rajani. We really hope that your students enjoyed the hackathon while spending time with the students of HOPE Foundation, learning from them and helping them learn too. I noticed that the language skill displayed by the HOPE Foundation students were very good however they may not have been that confident. I learnt that their confidence would build gradually when they continue to work with peers in group and in the process they learn from the behavior displayed by confident students (such as yours) – although the whole process has to be executed with much care. You would probably agree that behaviour of a person almost always depends on the environment that they are exposed to.

Your students are a wonderful set of energetic and understanding individuals. I am sure you would have got feedback from the students about the event, we would be keen to hear them.

We look forward to more such work together.




Parent Teacher Meetings

Students can meet the teachers between 1.00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. of every working weekday for clearing any doubts. Parents are most welcome to meet the respective teachers for feedback between 1.00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. regarding their child’s progress and conduct. Regular PTM will be held in the months of August and November to update the parents on the student’s progress.