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Mastery and excellence are the focus of the CMR National PU College academic program. To excel in the outside world, the program attaches great importance to academic quality, rigour and intellectual expertise.

The curriculum is designed to equip our students to become independent learners. Meaningful learning experiences are planned with a focus on conceptual understanding, building skills and aiding students in their metacognitive abilities.

Our curriculum helps students:

  • Think and arrive at an

    in-depth understanding of a

    concept/idea by collaborating,

    and using thinking routines

    versus learning by rote.

  • Engage in active learning.

  • Build skills like collaboration,

    communication, critical

    thinking, and reflection in every

    learning area to make them


  • Engage in authentic tasks

    and challenges to connect

    their learning to

    real-world situations.

  • Structure learning

    experiences that challenge

    the students and harbour a

    quest for mastery and

    lifelong learning.

The combinations offered are:

  • Science Courses

    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology- PCMB
    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science- PCMCs
    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronics-PCMEl
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science- PCBHSc
  • Commerce Courses

    • Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Comp Sci - EABsCsc
    • Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics - EABsSt
    • Basic Math, Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics - BmABsSt
  • Humanities Courses

    • History, Economics, Political Science, Psychology- HEPscPsy

An assessment could be individual or group work or an authentic task. Authentic tasks provide students with opportunities to transfer their learning and solve real-world problems. All assessments focus on the application of learning rather than a simple reproduction of facts.

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