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The Work Exposure Programme (WEP) is an opportunity for students to learn about different work areas and develop the understanding required to succeed in those professions. It is a way for students to explore future careers and gain valuable skills and knowledge applicable to all lines of work. The WEP offers students carefully curated opportunities for students to work in a professional setting for 6-8 weeks and gain real-time experience on what it takes to succeed in the workplace. They also learn to take on challenges, meet deadlines and exceed expectations at a young age.

The participating organisations are dynamic, have innovative workspaces and are willing to mentor young minds. Students who complete WEP internships gain an edge over others while applying for competitive exams/colleges in the coming years. They also understand nuances of the professional environment, such as teamwork, time management, discipline, decision-making, networking and more. In 2023, students were offered over 130 internship opportunities with leading organisations in Bengaluru.

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