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Enrichment Programs

“The Enrichment Programs at CMR National PU College are designed with the aim to equip and empower our students with the relevant skills, expertise and mindset that are aligned with their education and career goals.”

The programs encourage students to explore varied fields of study and engage with real-world problems. Students are provided opportunities to enhance skills such as collaboration, presentation, communication, and research and acquire the confident mindset needed to succeed as lifelong learners, thinkers and doers.

The programs are integrated with the curriculum and are a part of the academic schedule. Every CMR National PU College student will participate in 3 Enrichment Programs in an academic year.

The Enrichment programs offered at CMR National PU College include the following:

    • Design


    • AI


    • Data


    • Financial


    • Entrepreneurship


    • Visual


    • Graphic Design

      and Animation

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