To ensure that students get adequate support in areas that they require extra help, remedial classes are held in the college premises.

The college also organizes various extra-curricular, sports and literary fests to groom the managerial and organising skills of the students as well as help them develop their passions.



Open Day Career Counselling

This enables our students to gain in-depth knowledge about their field of interest, helping them make the correct career choice in future. Interactions with experts from industries give them an opportunity to assess personal strengths and become aware of the plethora of possibilities.

Motivational Talk

Dr. Sanjeev, a very sought after management consultant, is a mechanical engineer with post-graduation in marine engineering, management and applied psychology. The 90-minute conversational engagement with Dr. Sanjeev was an eye opener of sorts.

He reiterated the keys to success are:

  1. To have a never give up attitude.
  2. To be sure of one’s strengths and abilities.
  3. Optimism
  4. A clear definition of one’s goals and objectives.

These words are very often heard and read but, from Dr. Sanjeev, at CMR, it was a life-defining experience.


Mr. Mathew Varghese – A perfect starter for the young aspiring hungry minds. He started off beautifully with a story that said, failure is the best teacher. During his talk, he stressed on the major difference in optimistic and pessimistic attitudes with a significant example of two cricketers, which the audience could easily relate to. He said the very act of not facing or fearing failure is foolishness and cowardice. Success is everyone’s birthright. The point of debate according to him was, if one is born successful or if one makes their life successful!

Mr. Mathew has accomplished higher levels at “Toastmasters international” – a contest for international public speaking. It was absolutely an honour and a great experience to have him.