Well, today we had a beautiful set of sessions arranged by our college to bring us up to speed on the various options the career market provides us. My friends and I have grown up to a point where we are very close to being thrown into the competitive world and dealing with real face to face. I did give this a thought but didn’t realize it would be so soon until our college mentioned this career camp.

I am already 17 and soon will be an adult. But after listening to a few other adults talk about their lives, being an adult seems to be an exciting and tiring experience at the same time.

It’s exciting because I can explore a lot more than I could and I am free to choose what I want but all this freedom comes with the responsibility of our choices. I am that kind of person who prefers to make less mess than make a lot of it and then regret doing it and try to clean the mess again. So, I prefer getting the things on the first try, but as life has it not everything works like how I think it would.

It is very natural to make the wrong choices but sometimes it is these wrong choices and the way that we handle the consequences that tend to show a different side of ourselves. So, this session that our college organized invited a few people who have reached their dream posts in life and a few of them were alumni of our college. As an old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher”, all the speakers who had joined us spared a few hours of their day to share their life experiences so that we, THE FUTURE GENERATION
as everybody fancily names us, could use that to make our choices for our future career.

I am a biology student myself and I am fascinated by human physiology, especially the brain. The brain being the most complicated organ of the human body system has always been a thing of curiosity to several researchers and scientists over the past few years. The mystery in this topic of science is precisely what makes me drawn to this field. Naturally, I chose to attend the Neuroscience and Biotechnology session. So, neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science that studies the fundamental and emergent properties of neurons. It is the study of how the functions of our brain and our behaviour are connected. With us was Dr Rakhi Roy a physiologist and she opened the doors to various fields associated with neuroscience that I had never heard about. I learned that neuroscience could lead me to several other branches including neuro-engineering, neuro-law, neuro-imaging, paleoneurology etc.
It was when I learned about the sub-divisions neuroscience provides that I noticed the number of options the world casts at us. Honestly, that has its benefits and losses. Dr. Rakhi also told us about some good colleges that we could get into if this was the field that we are interested in like IISc, AIIMS, Jiwaji university etc. She had also spoken to us about some of the courses that we could take to makes our chances better at getting a stable career like general management courses. Dr. Rakhi had also told us that there are several industries that we could choose to work in after our studies. She said neuro science could us lead us to research, biotech, medical device making, pharmaceuticals, nation planning in DRDO, ICMR etc. and if we are brave enough, we could begin a start-up that provides labs for research and platforms to design new medical devices.

But, the one thing Dr. Rakhi said that I want to be able to follow in my life is “Do what you love and love what you do”. According to me, this is the most important factor to be satisfied in the job I want to do in future.

This session has definitely made me understand a lot more things about reality and how the world outside is running. I realized that I am not doing enough to be ready for the competition outside. I will definitely try my best to keep all that I learned in this session in my mind because, hey! You don’t know when this could be useful. (On a side note, this was worth the time spent).

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