Trail to trek was a wonderful activity conducted by CMRN PU College, ITPL for their students. The trek was held on May 7th 2022. It included going to Karadi Kallu Betta for a trek and many other adventurous activities like Rappelling, Kayaking, Ziplining etc.

On the morning of 7th, all the students gathered at CMRN PU college, ITPL. We started our journey by bus to Karadi Kallu Betta at 6 am from the college. The journey was for 2 hours approximately and it was filled with music, dance and a lot of fun. We reached at 8 am and headed off to breakfast. After getting energized with breakfast, we started our adventurous day.

The first activity we did was the trek. We started the trek from the base at 9 am. This trek was absolutely one of the best things I’ve experienced. We slowly made our way up the mountains step by step and explored the caves too on our way. The view from up there was breathtaking! Feeling the wind and looking at the beautiful scenery truly helped clear our minds and left us all feeling calm and refreshed. It was a bit tiring but since my fellow classmates and teachers were there, we encouraged each other and finished the trek together. That was perhaps one of the best things about this activity, the unity. If some people felt tired, the rest would encourage them to go on and do it together and that was beautiful to watch. After finishing our three hour long trek, we returned to the base and took a small break. We energized ourselves with water and drinks that they had prepared for us and moved on to our second activity, Rappelling.

Rappelling was another experience that I will never forget. I was scared to try it first but then gathered up the courage to do it and I’m so glad I did! We rappelled off a cliff and though I was nervous at first it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a thrilling activity overall. After having lunch and relaxing for some time, we headed off to our next activity which was Ziplining.

Ziplining was yet another fun activity. After doing that we went for the next activity which was Kayaking. We did it with two people in each boat. Rowing was confusing at first since most of us were new to it but we got the hang of it very fast and it was an amazing experience. The lake was calm and we rowed our way to the middle of it and relaxed there for a while. The weather was pleasant and it was very calming. We then went for the Rain Dance where everybody danced all their worries away.

After changing into dry clothes, we ended the day off with some evening snacks as we watched the beautiful sunset. We then started our journey back to CMRN PU College, ITPL around 6.30 pm.

The whole experience was definitely a memorable one. It was a great change we all needed after everything that has happened due to the pandemic. It was an escape from any worries and stress we all had. I also appreciate all the teachers and our principal who accompanied us and also took part in all the activities we did and were the best support to all of us! Through this activity I got to try out many activities for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed them. Another thing I got to witness during this trek was the unity among us. It was beautiful to see everybody encourage each other and help out each other without a second thought, be it a teacher or a student. This trek was filled with so many happy moments and memories.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our college, CMRN Pu College, ITPL for organizing such an amazing event and giving us this wonderful opportunity. I’m sure this trek will remain a memorable one for all of us.

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