Trail to Trek was an expedition to Karadi Kallu Betta, Ramnagara for, as the name suggests, trekking. The itinerary included trekking, rappelling, kayaking and zip lining.

The day started at around 5 AM when we all came to college. Many were still tired as they were not used to waking up so early. The college was dark and it was fun seeing the college in a new light.

At around 6:30 AM, we lined up and settled in two buses. It was a very long journey but we eventually reached the resort by 9 AM. We put our bags on the grass, refreshed ourselves and ate breakfast at the resort.

After everyone was ready, they rounded us up and divided us into 2 groups to carry out the activities smoothly. One group went for the trek while the other group went for rappelling. The groups swapped the activities later to complete them.

Rappelling was fun as we had to tie the rope around the hook on the straps, and descend slowly. Many made it down safely and while some made mistakes and slipped. Thankfully, they did not fall as they were strapped; and everyone enjoyed the experience.

The trek began as we went through a path that led us through farmlands. We climbed up and down inclined slopes before we reached a few caves that were said to be dwellings of bears. Th caves and the entrance to them were cool and the gentle breeze was a relief from the heat and the exhaustion after the climb.

After lunch, we were again divided into two groups, one group proceeded for kayaking while the others were doing team building activities, the team building activities included 2 sets of games. After these games, there were a few hours left, we had the options of either ziplining or kayaking, unfortunately, it began to rain after an entire day of the sun beaming, which meant we could not zipline or kayak. Luckily, it stopped raining soon and the undone activities could be done smoothly.

The icing on the cake was the rain dance. We had great fun dancing even as we were getting drenched. After the rain dance, we changed into dry clothes and gathered to depart bidding goodbye to the fantastic place – Karadi Kallu Betta. After one final group photo, we headed to the bus incredibly tired, but immensely happy. What most people did not expect was the 4 hours it took to come back – rain and traffic extended our time on the road.

The one-day trekking expedition came as a relief from the dreary two years of staying at home – an adventure that was complete in giving us the much-needed exercise, excitement and fun.

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