‘Final Cut’ was the video editing event under the ‘TECH’ category in Sanskriti 2022. Video editing is an upcoming in-demand skill that seems to be very essential in today’s age of technology and films. 

Video editing is the staple of modern entertainment and is an essential skill for those who have an interest in the post-production side of movies and films. 

‘Final Cut’ attracted around 15 participants. The participants were given footage of a clothing shoot and they were asked to make a 3-minute commercial from the 15-minute footage that was provided to them. They were given around 2 hours to work on their project. 

Even though the time limit was short, the participants managed to edit amazing commercials that were perfectly color-graded and had magnificent transitions. The music choice and product placement also were very precise and to the point. 

Overall the participants displayed great talent and proved their potential once again through Sanskriti.

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