Service-learning is a form of experiential education that supports deep learning. It combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs. In this respect, our students visited Nallurhalli Government School and spent valuable time with the students in that school.

Nallurhalli Government School is located near the Nallurhalli park and was started 12 years back. It is mainly handled by an NGO called Samriddhi and the II PU students of our college got the opportunity to interact with the students there.  Samriddhi works towards providing financial assistance for economically backward families, especially migrants from West Bengal, Assam, and other neighbouring states. They have a strength of 150 students, all from different backgrounds ranging from age group 3-15 years old. There is a daycare to take care of younger kids too in the same campus.

One of the students of CMR PU College, ITPL is an active volunteer at Samriddhi NGO. Around 14 students got the opportunity to teach, learn and re-learn on 10th Jan 2020. Our students had planned to carry out skill development activities for the students of the government school. Our students divided themselves into 2 batches. For one batch we organized a skill development session where we taught the students art, craft, and origami, while the other batch was involved in sports activities. Our students gave them the required material like colour paper, crayons, and colours. The students completed and submitted their work to their school after writing their names on it. Then a dance session was organized and the girls were very excited to dance with our students. They even selected songs to be played. Some of our college football team players taught different tricks in football. The students involved in running races were also very excited and eager. Spending time with these students helped in enhancing our group, organizational and interpersonal skills. We also gained important experience working with diverse members of their communities.

The students there were very understanding and warm-hearted. They enthusiastically participated in everything we did. We also moved to the rhythm of music and had an amazing time in the park. The students from our college who went there were Allan, Anjali, Aparna, Gopika, Jhanvi, Khushboo, Kireeti, Maitree, Malavika, Ramya, Shwetha, Siddarth, Sukeerth and Vedvardhan. Overall it was a great experience and we all learned so much. We hope to keep engaging with students like this in the future as well.

  • Jhanvi Lamba II PU

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