Our recent session was on the topic ‘How can we prepare for our future?’  and our guest speaker for the session was Mr. Jay Pandya, an IT Professional with 20 years of experience in the field of IT Infrastructure, Application Operations, and Service Delivery Management. He has also led various volunteering activities in the field of Healthcare, Education, and Environment for social betterment.

The session started with an interactive discussion about our aspirations, our goals, and why we wanted to pursue a specific path.

Mr. Pandya shed some light on the importance of soft skills and life skills in not only our professional paths but in our social lives too. He emphasized the importance of the development of such skills in every student.

We spoke about the various skills and elements that are essential for every student; like time management, stress management, self-awareness, good communication, empathy, critical thinking, creativity, etc.

During the session, we spoke about the difficulties we face as students, how to prepare ourselves, and how to stay motivated throughout the process. The session ended with a short question round where my classmates raised various queries about how can one stay inspired, think out of the box, gain more exposure in their chosen fields, and so on. Mr. Pandya was kind enough to listen to all our queries patiently and answer all of them. He also gave us numerous tips on the same.

The workshop was very interactive and profited from all the students enormously. We had the opportunity to voice out our opinions and get some clarity on choices related to our careers.

It was a thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable takeaways I can apply immediately!


Nidhi Tiwari


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