The webinar was conducted by Dev Venkatesh and Tribal Sanjay, who talked about Motorsports and how to do it safely and efficiently. Around 140 students attended this session.

Tribal Sanjay is a farmer’s son who turned out to be an Off-road Motorcycle Champion Racer. Sanjay didn’t know what he was really up to in life until he decided to race in Rider Mania 2013 which he ended up a winner. From there on, there has been no looking back for this man from the wild. Discovering the sport late or not having enough infrastructure at bare beginnings has not stopped this man from winning dozens of races.

Dev Venkatesh is an MBA grad from Northeastern State University and turned out to be an Off-road Motorcycle Champion Racer. In spite of coming from a family of Racing background, his parents opposed his racing & sent him to the US to get his Masters. After a 4 year break, with establishing Tribal Adventure cafe with Sanjay & working on the Weekdays, he got to pursue his passion for Racing.

First, Mr. Dev started his informative session by explaining the different types of tracks and rallies. Then he proceeded to give us a little peek into their “Tribal Adventure Cafe”. It is a learning place for motorcycle enthusiasts and is open for ages starting from 5 years. He also mentioned that currently many children have shown interest and are learning under their guidance.

“Safety is our main priority”, says Mr. Dev and Mr. Sanjay. “Discipline is a must if you want to engage in Motorsports.”

Mr. Sanjay elaborated further, saying that the key factor in this sport is physical strength. If we are fit and strong, it becomes easier for us to control the vehicle as well as pull off a stunt.

They also chastised us and said that motorsports are not always fun and games. There are certain rules that we must abide by. For example, we must never ride without safety gear, or stunt in the road, or break traffic rules.

Towards the end of the session, both the speakers untiringly clarified all the questions that were posed by the students. They did not hesitate to share their experiences as well. The students were all very interactive and all of us had a wonderful time attending the session.


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