Outbound Learning

Informative offsite programs for team building, leadership and employee engagement like SAP labs visit and industrial trips are organized for the students. These programs enable our students to gain in-depth knowledge about their field of interest, helping them make strong career choices in future. Interfacing with the industry gives them a chance to understand the world that they live in today as a world of marvels. There are ample avenues for our children to be a part of this world and these programs open them to a plethora of possibilities.


CMRNPUC in the USA: The NASA Experience

Senior students of CMR National PU College, CMR National Public School and Ekya Schools had a wonderful opportunity to experience space travel at NASA Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) Centre. Our students were hosted at the NASA Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) Centre, where they participated in a new mission simulation that included launching, landing and walking on Mars.

Trained as the next generation of space explorers, the students were introduced to a wide range of simulation technology and virtual reality, to experience the environment of Mars, and the difficulties faced on the Martian surface. Students got to see and experience a day in the life of an astronaut as they participated in a spacewalk through microgravity technology, monitored the launch of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and were part of the Orion capsule crew for launch monitoring and other mission-related activities.