The Minerva Art Event began at 3 pm in the afternoon of 21st of January, needless to say, we were looking forward to this day. The participants were given the rules and regulations and a few moments to turn on their cameras, angled towards their work. The first round was Pencil-Sketching and the topic, Indian Heritage. The participants had an hour and a half to complete their work. The timer started and the participants began. We the event heads monitored the participants as they went about their art, and I must say it was truly inspiring to watch them work. The amount of effort they put into each and every line was immense. It was like watching them put together a puzzle as they carefully and intricately gave life to lines and shades. To watch them change a blank piece of paper into beautiful works of art was truly amazing. 

Round 2 began the next day, the 22nd of January, at11 am. We were pleased to see all participants log in on time. The topic was so planned to ensure participants use creativity in producing their work. The topic was “A Walk in the Woods”. The artists were given an hour and a half to complete their work. Even though the time was short they didn’t fail to impress us and our judges. It was truly a privilege to be a part of this event.

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