FELICITY  An Inter-House Competition :

On the 15th of October 2021, an inter-house coding event took place at the CMR National PU College, ITPL. The event was organised by the Tech club headed by Vineet Mehta, the Club Representative along with the volunteers from different classes who assisted with the evaluation and invigilation process. Many students took part in the competition eager to represent their house. 

The event consisted of 4 main rounds with increasing difficulty in which the participants had to complete each task as per the given instructions during the allotted time. The participants conveyed intelligence and charisma while coding. The invigilators had to monitor the participants, maintain an adjustment sheet, and implement the rules of the event while reflecting patience and leadership. The evaluators who were all from different houses maintained discipline and showed fairness in their process. 

The decorum in which the event was held was not only orderly but waṣ a pleasant and wonderful experience for both the organising team and the participants. The successful event came to an end with the participants yearning for the results and everyone looking forward to many more magnificent events such as this one.

– Aishwarya.S (II PU)

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