On the 27th of September, the Tech Club conducted a debate competition. The topic of the debate was one of the most debated topics over the globe, it was ‘Android vs iPhone OS’. This is a topic, which is discussed by everyone irrespective of age, geographies, etc.

This was an Inter-House competition. This debate was moderated by Vineet, Representative of the Tech Club. Two members of each house could participate in this debate, out of which one member would speak for each of the topics. This debate was judged by Ms. Mohini and Ms. Panchmi.

The debate had very energetic participants. The four speakers, who spoke in favour of ‘Android’ were: Nirbhik Chaki from the Adventurers House, Sai Deeksha from the Explorers House, Alby Mathew from the Innovators House, and Preetam from the Technophiles House. The four speakers who spoke in favour of ‘iPhone OS (IOS)’ were: Riya from the Adventurers House, Emlin from the Explorers House, Siddharth from the Innovators House, and Preemal from the Technophiles House.

These above-mentioned energetic debaters placed a lot of facts with numbers to counter each other. Team Android claimed that Android Phones costs cheaper than basic iPhones, a speaker also highlighted that Android Phones have a wide range of applications listed on the ‘Play Store’ and also have over 50 language options. The market share of Android was also highlighted.

Team iPhone OS (IOS) spoke on many factors like Privacy, Apple Hardware, and Software integration. After both the teams kept their points, the cross-questioning round began. Many speakers asked questions and countered their opponents with the top on Facts.

The Debate was a very informative one. The speakers were equipped with facts and defense.

Sometime after the Debate concluded, the two judges announced their results. The ‘iPhone OS (IOS)’ team was declared as the winners.

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