Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Well, this is exactly what the student council of the year 2021-22 believes. The council’s goal is to recreate a feeling of home amongst all the students. They are some of the most responsible, confident, and honest students of this college. 

The elections for the student council took place on the 16th and 17th of July. There were around 20 candidates for the post of College Captain and all of them gave such inspiring and heartfelt speeches. The glint in their eyes to represent their college and the passion in their hearts to lead was admirable. Each candidate had their own unique qualities and different visions for the college, but all of them had one thought in common, that CMR PU isn’t just about the infrastructure and good education. This college is also about the ambiance created by the people and the feeling of home we get from here. Voting was done, and we had the results. Nischita Shekinah and Sai Sharan had the honor of leading this year’s council. It’s been less than a month since the Council has been announced and the college captains have done so much already. They are standing by everything they said during their speech. 

Next in line were the Sports captain elections. This too had so many candidates, and all of them had their share of experiences in sports. So many of them were district and state-level players, and it was impressive to see that they had juggled academics and sports together for so many years. The discipline and hard work that has been put in by them is simply brilliant. Shreya Ramesh and Hubaish have been elected as the Sports Captains for this year. 

Last but not the least, were the House captain elections. All the candidates had a strong sense of affinity towards their houses. They all had an urge to lead their house to victory and beyond. Even though all of this took place on an online platform, there was a feeling of enthusiasm and healthy competition amongst all candidates. It was great to see that all students had their own opinion and were eager to choose their captains. 

It has been said that Apollo, the Greek God could never stand to lose a competition and nor can the captains of Apollo house, Rabia B and Aaron Mathew. 

The captains of Aphrodite house, Sanskriti Shenoy and Aditya PV, like their Greek Goddess, work with love, to get their house on the top. 

Athena was known to be the Greek goddess of practical reason. The captains of Athena house Archana P and Nathan Mark Thomas, are also extremely practical in their decision making which is an asset for their house. 

Abish Paul and Keerthana Mathias are the captains of Zeus house. It is said that Zeus was the God of the sky. With Abish and Keerthana’s abilities, the sky is the limit for their house.

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