Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”– Destin Sparks

19th of August is celebrated as World Photography, the day where we acknowledge the beauty of sight captured and depicted to us by photographers. I was very excited for this event conducted by CMR National PU College ITPL, also taking note of the theme for photography “Street Food Photography”. The event started off with an amazing 2 volunteers, Preemal D’Souza and Nhirbhik Chakki who kept us entertained throughout the event.

Preemal D’Souza, our first ‘Master of Ceremonies” started off by greeting the gathering and also addressing the agenda for the event. She continued to tell the audience how important photos are to keep up with memories and the part where I personally loved was “Photographers teach us to look again. Look harder. Look through their eyes” which I believe no one could agree more.

Next, the stage was given to the other MC, Nhirbhik Chakki who with his speech took us around the history of photography which started in 1826 and then moved into its technology. Nhirbhik also asked the audience a question about “why is August 19th celebrated as World Photography Day?” followed by an answer “On August 19, the French government purchased the patent to the daguerreotype camera and made it free for use to the entire world.”

After the beautiful session from our MCs, Our Principal Ms. Malathi Balasubramanian (our Malathi Ma’am) continued to congratulate All the participants of the photography event conducted by the CMR National PU college and further continued to announce the top 3 winners of the “Street Food Photography” competition

  1. Kaati Roll ~ Leyna Mary Solomon I can guarantee that the whole audience had their mouths watering at the sight of this wrapped roll. If this doesn’t make a person hungry, then there’s nothing that can. Leyna “I wanted to take a picture of the Katti roll because it was my favorite street food and, after the photography, I could eat it all by myself”

2. Pav Baji ~ Ullas B This visual treat takes us to the streets of Mumbai, where every street has the aroma of butter-toasted buns, and spicy masalas. This authentic combination of Mumbai can be experienced through this picture. Ullas “I felt it easy and hard at the same time, but it is the interest that matters.”

3. Masala Puri ~ Raahitya Jayaram This is my all-time favorite snack, which I wouldn’t miss tasting at every sight (a common street food 😳) Raahitya “Took my time enjoying to arrange it, perfectly”

Ms. Malathi Balasubramanian after announcing the winners for the “Street Food Photography” event, read out the letter by Ms. Anupama Naik, addressing all the participants for this event and giving suggestions to the winners on how they can make their photography better at every future takes. Ma’am encouraged a few others namely, Khushi, Vignesh B, Tharika Singh, Pathmanaban, and Roshan Jose, and suggested how to capture better photos in the future.

The event concluded by our Head Boys, Siddharth Ramachandran’s speech and interview and further summed up the entire event with a quote “A simple idea involving complex thought process, at not just presenting it but the person who views it must understand

Last but not the least, we had three confessions for the “Street Food Photography” event

  1. Siddharth ~ “I had eaten the food before the photography could be taken”
  2. Nidhi ~ “I ended up eating the arrangement for photography before even taking the photo😋

Hats off to all the participants for their efforts and for keeping up this talent!

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