By Ayonija (I PUC)

On 6th September 2021, the students of 1B were fortunate enough to have a session on the topic “Gender Sensitization” by Anushree Ma’am. She gave us an insightful seminar on how students should respect everyone around them, irrespective of one’s gender or sexual identity. 

Gender Equality and Feminism were some of the topics which were looked at by ma’am. She had also shed light on the LGBTQ acronym, which represents the different gender communities prevailing in our society. 

Not only this but we were also informed about the ‘personal space’ which each one of us has and how important it is to protect our rights, likes, etc.

Moving ahead, we learnt about the four aspects of a good relationship. They were as follows: Open communication, Honesty, Trust, and Commitment. Honesty is one that is rarely present in online relationships. 

That’s not all, ma’am also warned us about the harms of putting private content on social media. She advised not to share inappropriate stuff on social apps, which might hurt others’ sentiments. 

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to ma’am for giving an eye-opener session, which would surely help all of us in the future! 

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