Art has always been soothing and appeasing and so is learning about art forms. Thanks to Anushi Sheth and Meghana Potnuru we got to see some of their marvelous sketches and learn so much about pen rendering and doodling. 


Pen rendering was a new concept to me. It is a freehand drawing technique of giving form or texture to an object or image by simply using a ballpoint pen. Yes! It’s that simple and just so interesting! The best thing is you can express yourself (feel free to make mistakes) you don’t really need to pick up a scale.  We learned about the technique in detail. Each of us was asked to take an object and give it a form and texture using lines. We practiced drawing horizontal, vertical, and organic lines. 

While on the other hand, doodling was quite simplified. It is very simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort and has always been my go-to stress reliever. Doodling can relieve stress, improve concentration, get you to be more creative and if you’re an amateur- you can totally ace it! You can include doodles that fit your character, likes, life, passion or something that just fits your personality.



Shefali Krupa 

1 PUC,

CMR (HRBR)                                                                       

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