Entrepreneurship 2020 is a much-awaited event conducted by the Commerce students of CMR National PU. To pioneers and entrepreneurs at CMR, the competition is now a part of the curriculum and provides holistic development to students. This year, we were not deprived of this opportunity, amid the pandemic, instead, it was taken to a virtual domain.

The entrepreneurship competition is a platform where students of different inner circles come together and work on their business ideas. This way the students can advance and explore the various markets and their functionality. The students work as a unit throughout the term, starting from understanding the various areas where a potential problem is occurring. Then working towards various plans to solve the problems, while implementing our previous knowledge. This way we can understand our corporate environment and implement our learnings.

Through this process we are guided and mentored by the teachers who try to provide us with insights, helping us understand various concepts.

The teachers walk us through the different stages and give us constructive criticism. Which further helps us strengthen our concepts and also gives us great exposure by helping us practically apply our learnings. 

We were also immensely grateful for the practical and rational views of the judges, Mrs. Debamitra and Mrs. Milli. Without which we would never understand where we stand. So, I would like to thank them for helping evaluate our progress.

This journey would be incomplete without the leadership of our Principal, who always sees to it that great opportunities are never ignored and passed on to every batch of students. Witnessing our teachers’ inputs and their urge to see that we reach our potentials, I would like to take this opportunity to thank CMR on behalf of the students, for always seeing that we evolve as individuals and putting us in situations where we learn to excel.


Kyra Biradar


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