A webinar on filmmaking (Pre-production, post-production) was conducted by Prof. Farooq Ahmed of CMR Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities on August 24, 2020. The webinar was a part of the Community Connect Program of CMR National PU College. During the course of the session, he discussed various concepts that fall under filmmaking. 

Introduction to Filmmaking

The session started with basic introduction to filmmaking.

Filmmaking or cinematography is a medium to communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through the use of moving images. 


1.Narrative films (Adaptation, 2002).

2.Documentary (Miss Americana, 2020).

3.Parallel Cinema (Dhobi Ghat, 2010).


  1. Pre-production (screenplay, casting, etc).
  2. Production (camera , lighting , sound).
  3. Post-production (editing , VFX ).


Pre-production formally begins once a project has been greenlit. At this stage, finalizing preparations for production goes into effect. Financing will generally be confirmed and many of the key elements such as principal cast members, director, and cinematographer are set. 

This stage includes creating a storyboard, location hunting, budget, finalizing screenplay and finalizing the cast and the crew.


It is the second stage of production in which the actual filming of the scenes of the film takes place.

The main components of filmmaking are:

a) Camera               b) Lighting                  c) Sound


In the final stage of the filmmaking process the sound effects and the visual effects of the recorded film are edited and combined into a final product. It mainly includes editing and VFX.

This session was both an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn about filmmaking.

In the hour-long session, we learned about various topics pertaining to filmmaking with the help of a PPT which made it even more fun and understandable.

I would like to express my gratitude to CMR for conducting this informative session and for giving me this golden opportunity to express my views.

I would also like to thank Prof.Farooq Ahmed for teaching us about this fascinating topic.


Saloni Sanjeev Gulhane

 (I PUC)

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