There is always a thrill about the first week of school. New classes, new teachers, new faces and in our cases a completely different school too. And after thirteen years of school, here we are, in a new school, and things are looking more different than I could’ve ever imagined, with ‘virtual classes’ making everything a whole new experience.

After a week we finally got to meet the ones that play an important role in every student’s school life, the ones we look up to, our seniors. Seven of our seniors were present in the meeting to virtually welcome their juniors.

They took every opportunity they could to make us feel comfortable and assure us that we could reach out to them without any hesitation. the session was started by Gayathri who gave us a brief introduction about all the clubs, our houses, the extra circulars, and all the interschool activities. Our teacher, Ms. Savitri spoke about where the teachers played a role and how they were always there to guide and support us.

We had Gayathri talking about the Editorial and Literary club, Neelank introducing the Tech Club and how their focus is to help more students advance their technological learning.

We had Ashritha from the Art club explaining what an important role the club plays in organizing all the events that take place in our school. She assured us that club had a place for every student’s artistic side, motivating many of my classmates to enroll.

Hemanth from the Sports club mentioned how our sports team beat the odds and became victorious in many tournaments.

Swapnil, Hena and Amaan encouraged all the photography, music and dance lovers to join the club and take part in the various competitions ahead of us.

The seniors were very welcoming and encouraging towards the juniors with a sense of guidance, intending to hand down the legacy passed on to them in a virtuous manner.


Nidhi Tiwari


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