Recently, we had a webinar workshop by Ravindra Vinjamuri on AI and its daily use in life, there were around 50 students ranging from class 5 to class 12. Ravindra Vinjamuri is a tech enthusiast; designer; music composer (with AI); a motivational speaker and last but not the least, he is the founder of Bliss N Style company. He was quite interesting and we got to learn a lot of new topics in AI such as Google’s DeepMind AI and many more.

First, he started off with how Artificial Intelligence was inspired by Natural Intelligence. We saw a few videos of animals on how this kind of intelligence has inspired the founders of AI. The first one was on how the puppy’s brain is trained to listen to their mom in one bark (the language of the dog).

-Elephant is trained to draw another elephant, called Nature Intelligence-

Second is how an elephant’s brain is trained to paint another elephant on the canvas using its trunk. Cool, isn’t it? After this, we saw an interview with Sophia (a humanoid robot created in 2016). This robot is so accurately programmed and with detailed information about every single topic. It is capable of addressing a huge audience at a stretch. She is as real as a human being.

-Sophia – The Humanoid Robot-

Then we saw something interesting on how an MNC such as Google is using AI. Google’s DeepMind just taught itself how to walk. It is designed on stick figures and also trained to walk on any kind of terrain and can also jump. The main core point in AI is that we must train the device or bot for it to give you the right results, more the input in the codes more accurate the results.

Voice, the rise of the third platform and why it matters

-AI around us that we all have fun with-

We all know that AI, ML, and IoT are going to rule the world in the future. So, then we came down to the most interesting topic on where AI is used in our daily life or where can we implement it. Is the AI around us? The answer is yes, it is all around us. There are Self-driven cars; digital assistants (like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri); Vehicle Recognition Identification (mainly used by police officers for getting the details of cars just by scanning the number plate of the car); Robots (used for cleaning the house, greeting people, etc.); chatbot; self-controlled 5g drone by Nokia and many more. The concept of AI and IoT always work hand in hand. If we’d like to create our own AI device then we must know Python and Javascript.

After this, we had asked our questions to sir and also presented a few cases and asked how AI bots will react in those environments.


Swapnil Datta

Grade 12


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