We, the students of 2nd PU of CMR National PU College ITPL, had attended a workshop on “Basic Arduino” on 16th of July, 2020, conducted by Ms. Rashmi, who is an alumnus of CMR National PU College ITPL and is currently a 3rd Year B.E (Electronics and Communications) student.

We started off the session by a welcoming speech from Neelank Khambete of 2nd PU ‘B’. Ms. Rashmi then introduced us to Arduino.

What is Arduino?  Arduino is an open-source electronic platform that reads inputs and provides outputs based on a set of instructions.  There are different types of Arduino boards, but the one we focused on is called “Arduino UNO”.

We were then taught about various components of the Arduino UNO. One of the important components is the pins. There are two types of pins viz., a Digital pin to read binary inputs, and an Analog pin to read analog inputs.

We were then shown what a Bread board looks like, and explained how the connections are to be made. A Bread board is incomplete without the Jumper Wires

The Jumper Wires are categorized into 3 viz., Male to Male wire, Male to Female wire, and Female to Female wire. (A male wire has a pointed end, whereas a female wire has a box-like structure).

Ms. Rashmi then showed us the steps to install the Arduino Software (Arduino IDE):

We then moved onto the most interesting, as well as an important part of the session -the Application of Arduino

We were shown 3 different amazing experiments:

The first one was a Sequence of blinking LEDs which was fascinating to watch. We could code the order in which the LEDs need to glow:

The second experiment was a Seven segment display, which is mainly used in calculators and digital clocks:

The third experiment was a Raindrop sensor which was made using the analog pins of Arduino UNO, some wires, and a moisture sensor:

All of these experiments were truly amazing to see and know about.

Afterward, we moved onto the Q & A session, where students asked their questions.  Ms. Rashmi and her colleague (who answered a few of the questions via the chat box) clarified all our doubts in a simple and understandable manner.

Finally, Ms. Rashmi concluded by showing us the LED system she had built using an Arduino UNO.     

 The session ended with a ‘Thank you’ note by Nafeesa of 2nd PU, CMR PU College, HRBR campus. All of us truly enjoyed the session throughout.

We thank our Principal and Teachers for giving us the opportunity to attend this wonderful session.


Mohammed Amaan,

2 PU ‘B’


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