It was after a break of six years that I joined PU ITPL in the last week of February this year, as an Economics teacher. I was too happy to be back to work, teaching students which I had missed so much during these years. The new academic session began for the second year PU students and I had just started becoming familiar with the students as well as the staff when all of a sudden the college was closed due to the COVID 19.

Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion regarding the ways to reach out to the students. Then came the challenge of teaching the students online. Morgan Freeman, the famous American actor has rightly said, “Challenge yourself, it is the only path which leads to growth.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought of teaching online. Learning the nitty-gritty of the online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc., preparing slides for the online classes, searching for videos, images, cartoons based on the topics to make the sessions more interesting and interactive and also preparing the detailed lesson plans has been quite an enriching as well as overwhelming experience. 

Online classes, I feel, have helped the students as well. With no fear of intimidation or being mocked at, many students who would not utter a single word in the classroom have started actively participating in the class discussions. They have become more responsible too. At the end of the classes, some students stay on to clear their doubts while some keep waiting in the waiting rooms much before the class time to discuss their doubts. To top it all, simple heartfelt words like “ Bye Maam” or “Thank you Maam” from students at the end of the classes make my day. Each day I feel I am becoming better and growing as a teacher.

The journey as an online teacher has just begun but there are still miles to go.


Ms. Lalitha
Economics Teacher

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