It was just a regular, lazy afternoon on a Thursday, which was made more interesting by an amazing session organized by our wonderful teachers for the Literary Club.

This enlightening session was conducted by A Sai Priyanka; an outstanding creative writer and an upcoming engineer in Biotechnology.

This session proved to be of great help for aspiring writers such as myself since it gave valuable insights into the nuances of content writing. 

We were shown a crisp and understandable presentation on the basics, the types and the usage of content writing, with real-life examples in various fields.

Overall, this session made us realize the vast scope for content writing and the plethora of opportunities around for creative writers. 

The seminar also forayed into interesting topics to write about, inspirations to gather from, better ways to present an article and how to keep your readers riveted.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  – Lao-Tzu

I believe that all of us can relate to this simple yet meaningful quote. CMR National PU College provides its students with opportunities to showcase their creative writing abilities through their monthly newsletter, allowing them to pick a topic of their choice.

Personally, joining the Literary Club has been one of the best decisions, as my journey towards content writing began here at CMR.

I sincerely thank my teachers for making this seminar possible and A Sai Priyanka for interacting with us on this topic.


Sai Radha


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