I am glad to be a part of an institution that fosters our interests and helps us build on it. As students of CMR ITPL, we are always exposed to fun and enriching activities held by various clubs.

 The art club is at the top, for conducting the most interactive and lively sessions. This club was introduced to our I PU students, in the second session which was held on the 11th of August with activities planned to engage them. The session was conducted to teach us the techniques of book folding. We were asked to have in hand certain materials such as an old storybook and the basic stationery items.

The session was conducted by Ms. Tanvi Shah, an honored guest, and a great mentor. She demonstrated how to create an extremely creative paper lantern through a virtual workshop. The techniques used by her were extremely easy to comprehend, such that we were able to follow her pace while she was demonstrating and work alongside her. Besides the paper lanterns, we were also taught how to make decorative flowers to add on the lantern. The flowers turned out to look beautiful. All this with the help of some instructions and hand techniques. Not only was the session creative, but it also taught us how through the help of a few steps we can achieve so much.

I would like to thank Ms. Tanvi Shah for such a wonderful experience and for helping us get creative. As students, we enjoyed implementing the craft and working together. Moreover, I would like to thank Ms.Savithri for hosting the workshop virtually, even though we are at a major disadvantage this academic year.


Kyra                                                                                                                                 I


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