A single pint can save three lives; a single gesture can create a million smiles

  After much-awaited excitement, the first PU students of CMR got the opportunity to visit the widely recognized organization, The Red Cross Society. The goal of instilling students with a broader insight into the medical field was successfully achieved.

            The Red Cross Society was formed in 1863 after the battle of Solferino in Geneva by Henry Dunant. The organization was formed to give medical attention to soldiers at first, but after the war period, the society continued their work by helping everyone.

            On arriving at the location, Mr. Shivashankar, a working staff gave us the honour of having a session with him. He explained to us about the society and its history.  Moreover, he elucidated on the functioning of a blood bank covering different aspects like blood storage, its processing, and eligibility to donate and so on. He concluded the session by talking about the significance of blood donation and the meaningful gesture it is.

The most enthralling part of the trip was the tour around the blood bank where we were shown the different equipment, machines, and technologies used in the blood processing units. Some of them were laboratory centrifuge, which was to separate the components of blood and blood bank refrigerator, which stored blood. Then the platelet incubator and more.

In retrospect, the experience was fun and enlightening with lots to take away. We are grateful to Mr. Shivashankar, our teacher Kruti ma’am and Principal Anitha ma’am for organizing this wonderful trip.

 Annette and Jane from 1PUC-A

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