Have any of you heard of red dead redemption? Or better yet GTA? I’m pretty sure you have and I’m also confident that you know the makers of these games- Rockstar games. Now imagine, interacting with someone from Rockstar games.  Mr. Maltesh Mattenavar had come to CMR PU College for career day!

Mr. Maltesh Mattennavar, (Rockstar Games India, Studio Head) is a studio head for one of the most famous games
development company called Rockstar games India. He has been associated with the Art and animation field for almost 19
years. He studied fine art Masters and worked in various fields in Art.

He first showed us a couple of trailers and then explained what exactly animation is and how it’s done. Animation is probably one of the most hardworking jobs there is because a single animation or character takes almost a year to develop starting from scratch. He also told us what it takes it to work in the animation industry. He elucidated the 6 steps for animation- 1) Reference video 2) Posing 3)Blocking 4) Splining 5) Smoothing and 6) Adding life.  He then explained the one job we all wish to have- game tester. But it’s not as easy as you think it is, along with good gaming skills you need to find out the mistakes. Overall it was a great experience and we all hope they come to interact with us next year too.

  • Sayam Sancheti (IPU)

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