“Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping a civilization flourish like never before”- Max Tegmark

We had our Career Day on the 23rd of November. It aimed to provide an insight into the professional life to students, by members of the community who volunteered to come here and share their experiences. There were two sessions with two different speakers and an hour per session. The first session I attended was taken by Ms. Shreya Talikot of Genpact Technologies.

Ms. Shreya is a native of Bangalore and she has been working in the IT industry for about 8 years now in the data analytics space. After studying computer science, she went on to work at various leading firms like Cognizant and GrayMatter. She’s
currently working for Genpact, where she manages projects in the digital transformation space. She believes that in today’s day, AI, robotics and pattern recognition are some of the most significant advancements in digital evolution that are driving the future of data.

Ms. Talikot went to speak at length about the upcoming trends in the computer industry, most notably artificial intelligence and machine learning. She gave us real-world examples and emphasized on how there is a lot of scope in the field. She also spoke about how Machine Learning is heavily dependent on data, and the massive amounts of data being generated and privacy concerns. She also shared her work lifestyle, and how she chose her career path.

Lastly, she stressed how important it is to find your passion and choose what you love to do, and how we should never stop learning new things along the way. She explained that there is no point in doing something if you are not involved in it. She also told us how it’s never too late to pursue our dream.

All in all, it was an informative session.

  • Neelank Khambete (IPU)

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