Timely and correct career decision in school today will result in a happier India tomorrow.

On 23rd November 2019, our college organised a career counselling day. People from different fields and professions had come to give us a talk on what can/should be the right choice for our future. Everyone had to choose a session. As Fashion was my preference I chose the session on fashion by Mr.Wicrant Gambhir, Jockey India, Head of Apparel Sourcing.

He is an alumnus of IIM and NIFT. He currently works for Page Industries Limited. Over the last 25 years, he has worked with established global and Indian fashion brands in different domains in the apparel industry. Product & Quality Management,  Adopting Technology in the Supply Chain, Business Excellence for Inter-functional synergies are some of his areas of expertise. With a continued inclination for learning and improvement, he is a practitioner in Lean Methodology and Principles of the Theory of Constraints. People Management & Development has been another area of passion for him. He is a Senior Assessor for functional & behavioural competencies and conducts coaching & mentoring sessions for colleagues & team members.

Mr.Wicrant spoke to us about the career prospects in Fashion Industries. He spoke about how passion and profession can go hand in hand. He gave us a lot of insights on how to work with fashion and ideas that interest us. We came to know about a lot of fashion and design colleges.

The different opportunities in the field of fashion are not limited and we have a wide variety of choices to choose from in fashion, whether it is knitted, apparel, jewellery, fashion designing, fashion communication etc.

Fashion is an experience that needs one to have keen interest and zeal to achieve the unconquered. You have a very wide variety of fashion be it either Ethnic, casual, formal or corporate wear both in contemporary or classics. Made to order or made to fit options have created a new opening for the current crop of entrepreneurs. I would like to be one of them.

  • Eriqa Jome (II PU)

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