College trips are wonderful! Not only do they provide us the entertainment and fun we expect, but they also teach us one or two about life skills. So did my college.

On 31 October 2019 CMR NPUC took a few of us students to a trekking trip. It was at a place called Uttari Betta, which had an elevation gain of about 500ft. The ride from our college to the destination was indeed a memorable one, for all of us played games and cracked jokes on the way. We reached our destination probably after 2 hours (which went by really fast!) of travelling. Before we even began our climb, we had to walk a certain distance and then, we were divided into groups of 9, each placed under a leader.

And so began the trek. We saw what we were going to climb and all of us got excited.

View from below of the hill we climbed

The path through the mountain wasn’t an easy one. It was a muddy (kachcha) path, but that just made it more fun. At some places the path was filled with tall and pointy grasses, at some other places, it was rocky and at some points, it became really steep. But there were many beautiful sights along the way. We also took breaks at the summits of smaller hills. Some of them had beautiful ponds that looked really calm and soothing.

Ponds at the summits

At a few other summits, we got to see the view below. And it was terrific! Living in the city, not many of us get to appreciate the beauty of nature. And so, this trip gave me a chance to savour the beauty of the green forests underneath the hills, the tiny villages surrounding it, and the cool breeze flowing by.

View from above the hill

While trekking, each of us had to help one another. We lent a hand to the next person to make sure that all of us were together and this instilled a spirit of teamwork in us. Thus, this trip taught us a lesson on teamwork and companionship, which is one worth remembering.

What was fascinating was that along the whole climb, we were shown the way by a dog that was accompanying us. Our leaders claimed that that dog knew the path through the hill, up till the summit. And it sure did take us there. Not once did it steer out of the path. This dog too in a way taught me a lesson to remember!

Once the trip got over, the ride back on the bus was even more fun than the ride to the hill. Everyone was very happy that they didn’t pass out on such an amazing opportunity to discover and learn new things.

After this trip, I decided that this would definitely not be my last trek. I would also encourage others to take part in such trips, because the experience and confidence you build up after such a climb, are a feather in your cap. Overall, it was very very enjoyable and fun!

  • Attili Subha Vidhisha (II PU)

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