On the fine morning of 24th October, the cultural representatives Navyaa and I along with
the Head boy Thimaya, Head girl Reya and Literary representative Malavika hosted
CMR National PU college’s Cultural Day. The theme we had chosen was
Disney and with the guidance we received from the teachers, we were successful in our
After almost two months of planning and preparation, we had decided to have three
events on our cultural day- Interhouse music competition, Interhouse dance competition, and
an open house wise Dumb Charades event. We all worked together with the house
captains to set up rules and regulations as our main motive was to host all the events in
a systematic yet entertaining way with utmost discipline. I was lucky to have such
cooperative and enthusiastic team members who were always ready to give ideas and
never backed away from hard work. I got to work with such talented members of the
student council; without whom— this cultural day would not have been possible. My
partner in hosting the event, Navyaa was there every step of the way and it is because of
her creativity and decision-making skills, that we were able to go ahead with the events.
Along the way, there were quite a lot of hurdles. We got complaints and we got criticism,
yet we took it in our stride and never lost hope. After immense amount of thought and
consideration, we were able to plan the entire Cultural Day. With help from Niveditha
ma’am and Savitri ma’am — we were able to call our alumni and trained musicians Rohit
Nair and Noirrit as judges for our music event and professional dancers and alumni
Catherine Benny, Sarah Justus, and Varsha Ashok as judges for our dance event. We
were thankful to have them with us because apart from giving fair judgement, they
also provided the participants with some constructive criticism which would definitely
help them improve their performances in the future. We managed to maintain discipline
too by making it clear that any house found hooting or screaming would lose points.
This helped keep the noise level in check and also gave the teachers the chance to
revel in the excitement along with the students.





The Cultural Day ended with Technophiles bagging the first place in Interhouse music
competition and Innovators bagging the first place in the Interhouse dance competition.
Dumb Charades was a tie between Technophiles and Innovators.

It was because of the audience, participants and the teachers that we were able to make this event a
success.  We hope we managed to set up a good example for our juniors and we hope
CMR has many more such events in the future.

-Shwetha S

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