We as students of CMRPU, ITPL were given an opportunity to take part in the KER retreat organized in partnership with Reap Benefit along with Teach for India.
Walking into the room, the three of us had little or rather no idea about what was happening around us. We were then allotted
into groups with different people who helped explain to us, what KER was all about.
We started off with a shaky breath but soon we got to know each other and shared the thoughts on our hobbies and what
our goals and aspirations were.
Soon after, we had a session in which we discussed the definition of change-making.

We also spoke about Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old, who started the protest against climate change and discussed her qualities as a change-maker and what we can take back by keeping her as our role model. It was a very inspiring session for the three of us as it gave us a deep understanding of the problems around us and how we youngsters can bring about a significant change for the betterment of the society.

The second session was more of an interactive session with the students where we were given problem-solving activities like-
We were given an imaginary situation where all of us were the citizens of an imaginary place called Zamalamlama Nagar, which was a town filled with beautiful lakes, apartment complexes, and Italian Restaurants. But unfortunately the condition of this town slowly deteriorated and it was then converted into a garbage dump. Our task in this activity was to find solutions to the arising problems of this town. During the process of finding the solutions for this town, we also learned the methods by which we could bring passive citizens to become civic leaders in society.
Last but not least, we ended this inspiring session with the KER anthem.

The second day of the KER retreat was a very exhilarating day for all of us because we had field visits that day. The day started with a quick briefing about the 3 principles of KER which were:
1) creating a safe space
2)kids and educators as partners
3) kids as change makers
After this quick briefing were all divided into different groups and we went to our locations where we would look for these 3 principles of KER and get a better understanding of it. Everyone had a really good time at each of their individual field visits but, the principle that really stood out to us was the fact that we the kids and the educators were working together towards the common goal. It was wonderful to see that with their experience and our creativity we were able to finish the tasks given to us with such ease and in the process making it a very enjoyable process.
The second day ended on a very positive note with the KER Chronicles, which is a platform where people can show their talent, talk, or share any experience. It was a ton of fun! Everyone who performed had such incredible talent.

On the final day of the retreat we had the founder of Reap Benefit Mr.Kuldeep who spoke to us about his inspiring journey.
We then discussed how the education system can be changed and made more interesting by having informal sessions with teachers and helpers in school.  We had discussions about how we can implement what we learned in these three days into our schools and society.  All of us as an act of showing gratitude to one another in a circle. We also reflected on everything we had learned in the past three days.
We ended this retreat by exchanging tight hugs with each other and promising to take our learnings outside!

  • Bhavya, Mohith, and Disha (IPU)

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