The trip to Hidden Campsite situated in Ramnagara was a great initiative taken up by our college to help
students make optimum use of their holidays by learning and mastering new skills. By trying various
activities, the students could explore their potential and passion for certain arts and simultaneously
widen their horizons.

We reached the campsite at around 9 am after a 3-hour long journey. We were introduced to a rather
enthusiastic man named Chandra Sekhar who was our guide. He encouraged us to forget about our
luxurious lifestyles for the next three days and live like a true camper with very limited resources. He
emphasized on the slogan, “Down to earth”, which reminded us, especially at this time of environmental
emergency, that the Earth is our home and we must use its resources judiciously.

We were divided into teams and were made to participate in several team bonding activities such as
Bull’s Eye, Pipeline, Blindfolded Tight Rope Walking and Detach The Rope as well as individual activities
like Ziplining. These activities were not only challenging but also extremely fun.

The next day, we went on an intense trek. We kept climbing the hill under the blazing sun for what felt
like several hours. Soon, we had finished all our water and were left dehydrated and exhausted. But we
were inspired to keep going and not give up. Once we reached the peak, we felt very accomplished. The
view was surreal up there. It made our first world problems seem so small and unworthy of our anxiety
and worries. It almost felt like everything fell into place at that moment.

This time of the year was loved by all as it provided the much-needed break to students from their
routine of attending academic classes. We are extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity given
to us as we stepped out of our comfort zones and experience living in a rather primitive lifestyle.

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